Monday, January 25, 2010

A funny

Ever since we moved into this house Holly has insisted that we need to keep her curtain closed at night so she can sleep. Reason? She doesnt want the deer looking at her while she is sleeping. Silly goose.

The windows are pretty low to the ground.

There are a lot of deer in our neighborhood. Tonnes.

And they arent exactly shy; Although I cant find the photos, we have photos of them almost on the back deck. Almost. Scott can be outside and they will actually come around to see what he has; he goes and gets them apples and I swear they come looking for them.

This photo was actually taken from Holly's bedroom window ;)

So Holly has this fear of red-eyed deer peeking in her window. She thinks they will move back and then charge in and through her window to get her.
Im not sure what she thinks they are going to DO to her but they are going to get her. lol
SO Saturday night we put the kids to bed and Taylor was in Holly's room trying to coax two little friends into sleeping; when Holly came SCREAMING and crying out...the deer were looking in her window.
We went to her bedroom, and sure enough, there were deer looking in her bedroom window. If the window had been open I could have touched them.
There were two looking in her window; and one looking in Annika's bedroom.
They hung around long enough for us all to have a peek then they went across the street and looked in their windows over there.
Holly was freaking! She didnt want to sleep. They were going to get her.
It took ages to get her to go to sleep.
Darned deer.


Maggie McGee said...

I hope the deer stop pestering your daughter soon! They don't mean to frighten her, I'm sure. I think they are beautiful.

Ali P said...

I just cannot get the vision of bloody muzzled deer glaring in the windows, fangs dripping. hee hee hee
Have you seen the movie Black Sheep? Its about killer sheep. Killer deer would make an awesome movie.......

run_Jo_run said...

Kids say the funniest things. Beautiful photos. We don't see much snow here in Florida.

Rebecca said...

Wow! The deer really love your yard! I think I would close my curtains like Holly does. I wouldn't want the deer to see me "bear" naked.