Friday, February 05, 2010

January Running Total

One of my resolutions was to run 1500 km this year. Without a goal, I wander off track; Ive not picked my first race yet so Im going for km instead for now lol.
January weather was amazing and I got loads of km in; 113.8 km which is only 3 off my best month when training for a half marathon. So Im pretty pleased with that; not so much with the continueing sore foot. Had that adjusted this morning lol.

Only 10.6 km so far for February. Need to pick it up a little! Doing the Bike trainer and Wii a teensy bit tho to make up for the lack of run!

Weather cant stay cold too much longer, no matter what the Feb Rodent said.

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erica922 said...

very nice, love your blog header wink wink lol