Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Florida in 5, 4, 3...oops we are here!

So after waiting an entire YEAR thinking about our Florida trip and Disney, we are now here. Its a little surreal as I am sitting here at 547 am Florida time; partly a time change victim and mostly the victim of Scott's faulty time setting on his phone which is our clock; told me it was an hour later ie home time which we thought was here Im up way early. Going to steal a little run in a few minutes before the bustle of the day starts.
Got to the airport WAY early yesterday morning for our flights here. The kids were good all through customs etc. then were bored with the waiting. I hope this isnt a sign of things to come for the week. I KNOW Disney is not known for its line ups, is it?

Finally getting on the first plane to Newark...omg propellers. It was hilarious winding Holly up on the plane....I told her they had to push them to get them going and she was scared it was going to stop in mid air and someone was going to have to push it again....her propeller didnt start at the same time as ours and she was concerned it wasnt going to at alll and we would fly in circles....she was scared to fly.

She soon relaxed and enjoyed the ride. Annika is a seasoned traveller now and slept part of the second flight; no propellers!

I think I was more excited about palm trees than the others hehehe
And the shuttle ride to the baggage pickup? BONUS!!! LOVED THAT hehehe. Us country bums dont see those much!

Ooopps gotta run; there's the house, the street, the pool, etc etc...more to come later!

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Rebecca said...

Wow! I'm so EXCITED for you! The house and the pool look amazing. Can't wait to read more about your trip. Yay! Disney!