Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 5 - Epcot

Day 5 we went to Epcot. We weren't really convinced that we wanted to go to Epcot at all; we weren't sure that there would be enough that we were interested in doing there. But we looked at their schedule/map and found that there was, in fact, much to be done there :)

We took the morning "off" and did very little :) maybe a little shopping, may have been in the pool, Im not sure ;) but it was rather relaxing to have a slow morning.
Hit the park around 2 in the afternoon :) it was kinda slow and we wondered where the people were. Well apparently they were all waiting to get on rides because the lines were extremely long :) and the Fast Passes were already gone for the rides we wanted most - Soarin!

So we spent some times on some other things; intending to catch the fireworks and then head for home late.

The first view of that Big ol Ball at Epcot was pretty cool; Ive seen photos of that thing most of my life; now I was actually under it!

We saw the The Seas with Nemo and friends fairly early :) and Annika really loved that! At the end we were at this big Aquarium and Annika took Nanny and Grampy to Turtle Talk with Crush :) The rest of us hung around the Aquarium which was very cool :) there were Manatees and dolphins and tropical fish and some sharks...it was a huge aquarium!

There was a Garden Festival going on and Annika was particularly fond of posing with the shrubs shaped like...stuff. we have loads of photos of shrub stuff and flowers. Pineapples grow in the ground; Annika was amazed.

We went to Imagination with Figment; that was...slow. In fact after most of the other places we've been, Epcot was kinda slow. But it was really cool afterwards playing in the play area.

We saw Honey I Shrunk the Audience 3D show which was cute. It was something when the entire theater was moving around and thumping ;)

We had no intention of going anywhere near those "country" pavillions; but KimPossible took us there anyway; the interactive game where the kids carry around a cell phone type thing getting clues and making things happen; they saved France so we got to know France pretty good. We didnt go into any of the other Pavillions (including Canada) lol but we went up further than I planned.
Enjoying a coffee in France :)

Kimpossible was cool! The kids loved it! And it didnt take very long to complete; if we had not come so late we might have done a second.

Mission:Space was next. It was like being in a rocket taking off for space and landing in Mars, and there were two versions; less intense and more intense . WE all went on the less intense one; then Scott took Holly off for a bit while I took the other two back on the More Intense version which was more intense for sure; Holly isnt really into that sort of thing apparently but she is getting there :)

We had a bit to eat before heading for Spaceship Earth; that's in the big ball! LOL it was neat....a little cheesy but the kids really liked it!

It was then about time to get in line for Soarin'! The wait was an hour! but no more fastpasses so we had to get in line! And it was a long wait. Stressing us out was the fact that about the time we were ending, the fireworks was supposed to start. SIGH. Nanny and Grampy went and watched people while we waited in line. Wish we had known it was a gentle ride; Grampy would have liked it.

Soarin' was awesome too! we chatted with a nice family from England while we waited an hour in line and then when we got seated they were in the same...hang glider? lol

So it felt like we were flying through this big concave screen...the kids lifted their feet over waves and ducked flying golf balls. Funny. It was fun :)

After Soarin' the fireworks were winding down and it was time to head to the cars. We were again pretty tired and didnt take long getting home and into bed:)

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Julie said...

WOW! These photos are great and everything sounds like so much fun.