Thursday, April 22, 2010

And on the Seventh Day- They rested...

And we shopped.

we mapped out and I did an AWESOME long 12 km run through some really awesome areas of Davenport :) Such beautiful scenery, awesome birds and nothing bit me! Nice and warm and sunny (off and on) a great morning.

Came back to the house and hopped into the pool for a float then into the hot tub which has to be the best recovery method ever! No ice baths for me ;)

The grands kept the kids at the house, and we shopped! Checked out a Premium Outlets mall and had a great time walking around the stores and checking stores mostly hahahhhahaha

Finally made some purchases (only Timberland Sandals for Scott and a Nike Livestrong coat for me; it POURED RAIN and I was freezing LOL) We had Starbucks and felt like adults and all :) And picked up some stuff to barbecue and went back to the house for some supper and rest :) it was a good day!

Some photos of our house :)One of the kids bedrooms; typically messy :) There were 2 bedrooms with 2 twin beds in them :)

The kitchen :) Little table in the window where we usually had breakfast :)

Dining Room where we had most suppers and Taylor liked to hang out.

Living room area :)

Door to POOL area :):) my fav place with its lawn chairs and stools :)
The Anole who inhabited our pool area....we never got very close :)

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grammy perkins said...

Nice digs. That is soooo much better than having hotel rooms. I envy the pool and hot tub, lol. Nice shopping areas too.