Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 8 in Florida - Finishing Seaworld

We had 2 days at Seaworld so during the first day we didnt really try to see everything :) We knew we could finish up another day :) Its kind of a repeat of our first day there, without the Dolphins and with the Shamu show instead :)

We visited the Stingrays again and Holly was very brave and fed one. Taylor wouldnt even keep holding onto the fish LOL

I could not get over the birds in Florida...not just hanging around the parks waiting for a free meal, but everywhere! Cranes and herons, big ones, little ones. They were everywhere! And these things called Ibis....everywhere! Really cool!

we went through a few things a little more slowly, like the dolphins underwater viewing area - they were not being fed this time so we were able to see them swimming and playing. Dolphin Cove was nice; wavey and the dolphins were so incredibly playful that at times I was actually wondering if they were hurting each other with their exuberance.

We got over to the Dolphin Nursery where there were mothers with babies and some pregnant dolphins as well :) they were really sweet to watch. It was nice to see them although again we had to shuffle on quite quickly. :)
Can you spot us?

Annika went with Nanny and Grampy to Shamu's Happy Harbour while Taylor and I went on the Kracken again; Holly and Scott watched. And took photos :):)Taylor loves the Kracken; we didnt feel like standing in line for the Manta again.

We walked the long way around to get to Shamu to meet the Grands with Annika for the Shamu show :) We saw the Aquarium at Journey to Atlantis.

We saw the Budweiser horses. At least 2 of them. LOL Nice stable.

We went on the Wild Arctic adventure ; we took the kids on the Helicopter ride to the Arctic while Nanny and Grampy walked the tour. The Helicopter ride was simulated flying very much like the Star Wars one but very rough.

The artic was fun; we saw Belugas and Walruses, a sleeping polar bear.

Then we went to the Believe show; the Shamu show. This is the same show where in February there was a trainer killed :( this certainly has changed the show since last year when the grands saw it.

There were no trainers in the water and no one was diving off noses :( I am sad about the loss from the show and sadder about the loss of the trainer :( that whale...doing what whales do...has a bad rep for whale reasons. Anyway the show was still awesome and amazing those whales were so big!

we spent a little bit of time in the underwater whale viewing area which was really crowded; in here were some playful juvenile whales :) They were fun to watch and loved to zoom by the window :)
Right after the Shamu show Holly wasnt feeling well :( she was quite uncomfortable with a sore belly and head. It passed after awhile but for some time she was quite unwilling to do anything and just cried quietly :( when we were going to take her home, she started to feel better. First Annika then Holly, who next?

After Believe Annika wanted to go on Journey to Atlantis again :) she really loved that ride and mentions it as one of her favs :)

We walked towards the entrance by this time, I got waylayed for a while by the Dolphin Cove watching them playing, hung there for a bit wasting some time LOL

Petted some more stingrays, watched the Very active flamingos for awhile, kind of finishing off where we started :):):)

By far the best park we visited LOL at least for me. The kids may feel different. Or not.


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Your pictures are sooo awesome!!! Glad you're all having a great time. Keep them pics coming. I love traveling through pics!!

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