Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 4 Of the Florida Trip - Magic Kingdom

The "Park" was next on Scott's schedule carefully created according to many plans and advice on which parks were busiest on which days :)Weather was nice; this seemed the hottest morning so far.

Drive to the park was uneventful thank goodness :) people around here drive crazy! A few wrong turns righted by Grampy's GPS Girl "recalculating" and we were at the parking lot; we were in Pluto! :) Monorail over to the Kingdom was pretty darned cool...long way to get there tho!

And there we were...the Magic Kingdom! It really was beautiful and just what dreams are about :)

Annika wanted only to see Cinderella's Castle. I was worried she would be disappointed when we could not actually visit Cinderella's living area but she took it well :) When we rounded the corner and she saw the Castle, she was speechless! :)

So we went through the castle and then were on Scott's schedule which did, in fact, work around what the kids wanted; it was just a little strict and I heard "Come on, Hurry" more than I wanted to. SIGH there was just so much to do!

We scooted off to Adventureland where we wanted to see a few things and get Fastpasses for the big rides. We ran through the Swiss Family Robinson's Treehouse and then off to Aladin's Carpet Ride.

The Safari boat ride was a little cheesy after the "real" Safari at Animal Kingdom but the kids liked the boat and thought it was funny :)
Also loved the Thunder Mountain Rail Road ride :) Holly managed to make it through the whole thing :)

Then we hustled on to the Pirates of the Carribean ride which was Totally cute and fun (although a little long) lol

Took in the Haunted House which was hokey but some of the effects were kinda cool and Annika came out a little scared so I guess it did what it was supposed to :)

Saw Mickey's Philharmagic which was a 3D show resembling Fantasia a bit and including loads of Disney movies :)

Splash Mountain followed soon afterwards; We really love the Fastpass and learned in long lines to make sure we get them way ahead LOL
Scott and Taylor sat in front of the ride and got Completely soaked. We were in the second seat and didnt get nearly as wet but I say between Annika and Holly and I believe they soaked up the brunt of the water.

We did the Buzz Lightyear game and the kids thought that was...ok :):)

Waited in line for the Speedway and the kids got to drive some race cars around a track :) they really liked that; it was a hot line :)

And we happened by some ears; wanted the girls to have some ears from Disney to take home; Annika knew what she wanted almost right away but Holly had to look around; Taylor still has not picked any :)

We saw Stitch's Great Escape; that "ride" wasnt that great. But really the only Disappointment we have had so far in 4 days!

Whew. Took the train back to the entry and the ferry back to the mainland; and off home for a little swim and bite to eat :) rest time for all.

Because we took the kids back for the evening and for the fireworks. We missed a few rides and wanted to catch a couple of things; didnt really end up being much time and the people were very hard to get around :(

Annika simply LOVED that the castle changed colour. She was SO charmed!

We saw Monster's Inc. LAugh Floor; I had no idea it was so interactive! Taylor got shown on the big Screen but she would not make faces; way too embarassed!

We rode Space Mountain; I was a little concerned that Holly would hate it; no one to sit beside (single file), way fast, and in the pitch dark. But she held it together and claimed tolike it :)

After Space MOuntain we caught the fireworks at the castle; we didnt have a great view (too close) but the kids loved it and they had a great view of Tinkerbell!

We then found good seating for the parade (lights) but the kids were so tired; Annika actually fell asleep on the sidewalk on top of my legs :)

Once the parade finally started they really did love it; It was pretty magical. Although I miss having not seen the one during the day!

Carried tired little girls home before midnight (wouldnt want that coach turning into a pumpkin) and let the kids sleep in the next morning!


Julie said...

The look on your daughter's face is priceless!

grammy perkins said...

I agree with Julie - the look on Annika's face is the look that says it all!!! This sounds like such a wonderful trip, every day is full of neat things to see and do. So glad you all enjoyed it, all the smiles are great!!!

Ali P said...

OMG Annika looks so thrilled to pieces. I remember when mine were young like that and could be so swept away. LOVE Holly's pirate ears..LOL