Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 3 - Animal Kingdom

Bright and early...ok early, but not bright; this place doesnt get light until almost 7 am! Gads
Anyway Early I was up again and ran in this awesome warm morning...its all quiet and there are birds singing and nothing drops out of the trees to bite me (imagination gone wild) and its really a most awesome way to start the day with sanity.

Ok it's Thursday although time has lost all meaning and Im fighting the urge to be like OMG its Thursday our time here is almost over when we still have like 7 more days to be here and have only been here 2.....Anyway...
We are out the door pretty early at a little after 8 to be at the park for opening and there are mutters of "late late late" although we are on vacation and Im not sure what we are late for but its rush rush rush with the theme lasting all day.

Fun to get to the parking lot and realise that we get on a little TRAM to get from the parking lot to the park :):) The day starts with nothing else but a ride LOL

We get to the gates and of course I am beyond excited because like Seaworld, this is MY kind of day :):) Just seeing the gates makes me all jumpy ;)
And sure I can see the Tree of Life from everywhere in the park and Im just drawn to it ;)
Luckily that is where we were heading because the first thing we need to do (besides saying hi to the turtles along the way) is to go to "It's Tough to be a Bug" show. I snapped photos all along the way of the tree and meant to go back later for a more detailed look but there was never time for that at all :) Im thinking I might have to make a couple of little off on my own walks to actually see what I want :)

I thought the kids handled the Bug show quite well with all the dark and loud and weird :) They loved it :)

We went into Discovery Island and first thing there was a playground where the kids unwound for a little while :)

As we were wandering along to another show we saw that the area where some characters were greeting was almost empty! SO in we popped and the kids got to greet Pooh, Eeyore, and Tigger! HIGH point (Im a little surprised) even Taylor was starting to uncross her arms and be a little excited, because "Little Miss Not Impressed" is pretty impressed, to be honest :)

Next was the Dinosaur ride, which although a little slow was REALLY awesome and even Holly "Im not a roller coaster girl" loved that one. :) It was dark and bumpy and really cool :) Dinosaurs were popping up everywhere...Annika is so taking to these rides! We rode it twice :)

Off to the Finding Nemo: The Musical where we cooled off and rested and saw the most awesome musical show with awesome puppets effects. IT was awesome! I actually felt a little teary at the end :)

We walked through a trail where there were birds and animals and viewing areas :)
We Rode the Rapids and Annika and I and then Nanny and Taylor got totally soaking wet. I DONT LIKE BEING WET. I prefer dry clothes. SIGH. HAHHAHAHA
But the ride was fun. Tame :)

We took the Safari ride and saw lots of live animals; A giraffe stuck its head in the truck and almost touched Taylor; she held it together and took a photo :)
This was an awesome part of the trip! LOVED it!

Nanny and Grampy went for a walk while we went on Mount Everest Ride; Awesome Roller Coaster. Holly got right to the car; then backed out and left in tears with Scott. Taylor and Annika and I rode it; then when we got down to the bottom Scott went on with Annika. It was SO awesome without that line up I would have liked to have gone again :)

Saw the parade from behind a lot of people ;) and then saw the Festival of the Lion King; despite getting there early we didnt get front row seats but we LOVED the show! Was so awesome! Again, teary me loving the finale.

About this time we realised there were these things the kids could do at the park with this card they get the activity and get a stamp. But we realised too late and there were not time to do more.

Pretty tired by this time but we had had some lunch so we were not as ravenous as the day before. We went home and barbecued Pork loin for supper and again, lots and lots of swimming. Attempted an early bed time but that never happens ;)

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