Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 6 - Hollywood Studios

I was really looking forward to Hollywood Studios :) I thought it would be awesome for the kids and would have stuff for the parents as well. The weather forecast was a little sketchy but it still looked fun. We contemplated a day off (Sunday) but went to this park instead. :)

And it was fun :) We got Fastpasses early for the Toy Story Mania ride and also got some for the Tower of Terror and eventually, a couple for the Rockin Rollercoaster (Aerosmith). Only got 2 of them tho :( Holly didnt get to ride. I really dont think she would have liked it anyway.

We waited and waited for High School Musical 3 to start; it was a show in front of the "hat" but then they announced that due to the weather (sprinkling) it was cancelled. SO we went off to do something else. :) we did the Movie Show ride which was at least, dry lol it kind of went through the history of movies and showed scenes and stuff from some really popular movies of the past. :)

Afterwards we went to "New York" and saw the Muppet-Vision 3D Show. :) It was cute :) The kids liked it. Annika started to complain of a sore belly :(

We rode the Star Wars Flying Simulator and it really seemed as tho we were flying. The kids loved flying rides lol even tho we didnt really leave the ground; it sure seemed as tho we did!

When this was over we sat for a bit while Annika contemplated her sore belly and had a snack, then we hit the next showing of the High School Musical 3 show. Holly LOVED it although she would not try to join in; she watched and danced from the sides :) Annika mentioned her sore belly while we stood and watched. SIGH.

We went to the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground for a rest but Annika was feeling sick, Holly was too hesitant to go off alone, and Taylor was too cool for playgrounds then it started to rain again so we just left it.

Then we trotted around the corner to the Toy Story Mania Ride which we had tickets for. Most of the stuff was inside for this park thank goodness! If it had been outside it would have been unpleasant for sure :)

Toy Story Mania was awesome! So worth the (albeit shorter) longish wait. The kids wanted to do it again! It spun around and we shot and stuff and racked up some massive scores! There were some 3D effects and it just went on and on lol it was a great ride!

The Indiana Jones stunt show had a showing and it was covered so we went there next and had a snack. Annika was...bored hahahahah but the show was awesome. Unfortunately due to the rain there were some parts left out :( but what we saw was fun and interesting to see them doing the stunts.

Annika was starting to feel a little bit better so we went to the Tower of Terror and rode that. IT WAS AWESOME :) The ride was very dark and they dropped us and picked us up and dropped us again and again lol I liked the weightless feeling and ALL of the kids loved it; even Holly who still isnt really a "Rides" kinda girl LOL. Annika the Brave said it wasnt even that scary ;)

By this time the rain was in full force and we ran from the Tower to the Roller Coaster where we had quite a wait before our FastPasses could be used. We shopped in the store and rested a bit. I felt bad for the ones not riding the ride but Taylor and I enjoyed it; despite being very wet.

It was dark and inside and did a lot of corkscrews and upside downs. Im sure Holly would have hated it. :)

We figured we had hit all the high points (although I would have loved to have seen more "sights" it was just too wet by now so we got some Rain capes and headed for the cars. It was wet HAHAHAH We went home and got some dry clothes and headed off for supper; Holly picked Applebees and we had a great meal there. :)

Home for more swimming and YAY the hot tub decided to get hot! SO we all got in that and soaked up some awesome warm water :):)


grammy perkins said...

OMG, this sounds so awesome. What a lot of fun you guys had!!!!! Now I REALLY wish I was there.

Ali P said...

Cameron loves Applebee's. We ate there on the way to Virginia 2 years ago and he still occassionally brings it up. LOL