Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

Mother's Day 2007 has come and passed. It wasnt a great day here, there were too many things other than Mother's Day on our minds. But my girls managed to make it good for me and they did coax me out of the crabby mood I tried really hard not to spend the day immersed in. I wouldnt exactly say they were cheery either, lol they were all tired and a little cranky themselves.
They did try hard to wish me Happy Mother's Day tho! They let me sleep past dawn, and I stayed in bed a long time after I woke up. I watched tv and pretended to sleep too. lol Once I did get up they were saying stay in bed for your breakfast LOL I was already up and showered by then tho! LOL

I had a big bowl of fruit early, and then after I was up the kids brought the fruit and French Toast. These are so BAD photos but they are pretty much the only photos I have of the whole day because someone didnt wait til I had my hair done and was ready, and never took a single photo later on when my hair and clothing WERE done better. "SIGH".
I get that that's not really a priority, and I should be happy for what I have WHATEVER. But once in a while I would like to look back and see some decent photos of me with the kids, rather than always looking like crap or not being in photos at all.

Scott brought me home a Rhododendron for Mother's Day. I really hope this bush lives! It should be pretty with deep red flowers.

Taylor's gift, a flower pot painted by her and with sweet peas planted inside :) The card was very special with cheerful greetings :)

Holly made a nice personalized card with her photo, and lots of nice things to say inside :)

Annika made me her own card and a cute bouquet of flowers! :)

These were my favorite gifts ever! They put so much into them, and they were so proud when they gave them to me :):):)

Today I brought home one more Mother's Day gift, a pair of Birkenstocks I have always covetted! I hope they break in fast, I have sore feet tonight!
I was definitely more spoiled than usual this year!

In the afternoon we did some more yard work. Holly helped a lot. :) We finished the front lawn and worked on the driveway a little more. The kids rode their bikes for awhile.

When we got the kids their Skipits we got Annika a basket for her bike, so she can take Shelley along with her. She's been wanting one for a long long time :)

We went to Scott's mother's for Mother's Day supper. There was Chinese food of all sorts! The kids were more interested in playing than in eating :)

The look-alike cousins, not so much now, but when they were little people asked if they were twins. They are a year apart in age.

While trying to get the kids together for a photo for Nanny to go away with, Annika was having a temper tantrum and I could not resist this very cool photo.

The 5 cousins.
With the Nanny and the Grampy.

After dinner we went out and got ice cream. This was the price Nanny paid to have Annika smiling in those photos.


grover said...

aww..special gifts from each of the kids..that is sweet!

Whaledancer said...

Isn't that nice to have the two generations of Masters moms.. Sweet! I got gorgeous handmade in school cards that are so pretty!
How was your mom's Mother's day anyway? What'd you do for her? Did you make her a super awesome keepsake hand made card with all your mad crazy rubber stampy skillz?
I sent mom a card ( skillz)with a gift card inside. Its hard to gift her from so far away so this will make sure she gets something she really wants or needs.
Glad you had a nice M Day and I love your 'stocks. I still want a pair.

Vicky said...

They look cozy (the bIrks)!

erica922 said...

Oh Teri, beautiful pictures of the kids with the granps!!

Susan Blanton said...

You crack me up girl. Someone could not wait til your hair was done before photos. They are very specail photos though. And you pretened to are so funny. You sound like me. Loved reading about your Mother's Day!