Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Spontaneous Trip outta dis town Part 2

The next morning the kids were not up tooo early. Scott went and got some coffee and muffins while the kids watched tv, then we headed for the pool before checking out.

She cannot deny being happy skippy here! Such a grin :)

We all went swimming in the morning. The water really was awesome although fairly chlorinated and a little hard on the eyes.

I tried to help Taylor with her Diving which she is working on in swimming lessons right now. She's a little uncoordinated and I didnt even realise til looking at the photos that she is PLUGGING her nose SHeesh needs to not do that Hahahha

Holly had to get in on the diving and she's shockingly very very very good at it.

Not to be left out, Annika showed us her dive too LOL

Unfortunately you can see where a lot of these dives would have a lot of belly flops but they did so so well :):):))

Finished off our swim with a visit to the hot tub (hot hot hot) and the sauna (wayyyyy too hot).

Taylor and Holly hopped back in the pool after. felt WAY too cold LOL :)

Then Scott dragged them literally kicking and screaming from the pool, and we went to get dressed, packed, and checked out.


Nik Just Nik said...

I bet they all slept like babies that night. They sure do look like they were having a blast..

Scrappytbear said...

lol everyone slept like babies except the baby! my friend's little guy had a bad night! lol