Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sunday party at Nanny's house

Nanny had a bbq for Carlene's birthday. Happy Birthday Carlene!!!
after the BBQ the kids begged grampy to go see the Foxes. They wanted him to take them on the 4 wheeler to see the foxes. So Grampy hooks up the trailer and takes Taylor, Holly, Annika, and Cara to see the foxes.

Nan and Gamp heading back over the hill.

Heading off in the trailer to see the foxes.

watching the foxes. the concept of quiet didnt really enter their heads.

The foxes didnt appear this day.

Back at the house, Rick, Gayle, and Nanny hopped in to go to the barn.

We continued off into the field of dandelions (ie weeds) which make an awesome photo...

The bay in the distance makes an awesome scene for photos :)

When we got home, I decided to clean my car. The girls wanted to help. I was in a hurry so instead of letting them help, I sent them to wash Scott's car.

They really loved washing the car :)

My rhododendron is blooming !


erica922 said...

wow Teri, those pictures between the yellow flowers are super gorgeous, tfs dear, love seeing the girls outdoors!!!

Vicky said...

Your right about the with landscape should have a baseline that grounds it. Love that one of the three girls. LOL, or do you have four always have one extra.