Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Some Random Photos

Cause it's not all dreary rain here, we were out in the yard doing some replanting and cleaning up last Friday and I took some cute photos :)

Holly in the tree. She loves to be in that tree.

Katelyn in the tree. Monkey see...

The House. Getting the yard closer to how I want it. BIG plans this summer. BIG plans.

Annika in the tree. Monkey Do.

Ask kids to water a plant...and what do you get? one child with a hose and a few others who cannot resist getting into it. Yup she got soaked.

Holly watering that little red bush we just moved to another spot. I wasnt even sure it was going to live when we planted it 5 years ago. Yup 5 years ago. Some little huh? :) Some sort of sandcherry I think but Im not sure.

The rhododendron that Scott and the kids gave me for Mother's Day. Gotta get another photo, it's blooming some now.

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Vicky said...

It must be so fun with them outside now that the weather is better! Love the tree pictures....very cute!