Thursday, May 24, 2007

Monday Holiday

Monday was another grey, rainy day. Mud flying, rain falling, temperatures Cold. "sigh"
We got up and did morning stuff. The we had nice French Toast for breakfast then ruined it with candy for the kids LOL! and then went to see Nanny and Grampy. They'd been in San Diego all week and the kids wanted to see them, we wanted check out patio stones that are there, and ended up bagging some compost (aka rabbit crap) for the gardens. Good times :)

The kids were happy to see the Grands :)
The kids requests clothes as a souvenier Lol and they got Skorts and shorts. They each also got a stuffed animal, Taylor got a weird stretchy monkey called Tommy, Holly got a baby Peepers Frog called Dermot, and Annika got a green Shelley, called Shecky. LOL Seriously.

Grammy, Holly and I braved the chill for a walk down to the bay. Grampy told us about some foxes he's seen back there so, knowing it was too cold to see them, we went anyway to check out the Den.
The den.

The Bay

Holly saw a "table" on a tree that she had to investigate. It was some sort of mushroom/knotty thing that was flat and she supposed some squirrel has been using it as a table. lol

So they took it down and wrecked the squirrel table. LOL


When we got back, Scott and his father were (still) finxing some shingles on the roof.

Apparently there was bare wood during all that rain we've had/having. Yikes. All fixed now.

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Nik Just Nik said...

I love the photos in the forest TL!!! Sounds like it was a lovely day out!!! Something I am in desperate need of..