Friday, June 29, 2007

PI Class Trip

The kids had a class trip to the park on their last full day of school this week. They hiked to the falls, and then back to the playground to eat, then they played in the sprinklers for a couple of hours til it was time to walk back to the school. I took loads of photos lol but dont wanna post all of them so I will only post a few ;)

Hiking to the waterfalls. I hung around the back to avoid Holly (so she would play with her friends instead of me ;))

Still Hiking :)

The Falls. They have a name of some sort lOl. It was realllly nice down there! We wanted to swim!

The class photo :) they were so gooood!

Holly B being very cute!

Holly in the sprinklers. She was trying to stop the water with her feet.

The water won.

Cold Holly. Apparently the water wasnt warm. Go figure. I wonder why they were in the water if not to cool off...

Holly and Annika playing nicely together.

Annika in the sprinklers. she finally decided to go in 5 minutes before we left.

Holly and her teacher.

Taylor and one of her Teachers.

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Boo said...

Great photos T! I love the hiking area. It looks so peaceful. It's a place where I could spend many hours.

Looks like your kids enjoyed their last few days at school.

Books are always a good gift. I never say no to buying the kids books.