Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Father's Day

just isnt ever going to be my favorite day of the year. It just isnt. It's just a wonderful reminder that my father isnt here anymore and I dont want to celebrate it anymore. Poor Scott.
Well he decided he was going to go Umpiring on Father's Day anyway. I kinda didnt want him to, thought he shouldnt, but once he decided to go and we had nothing to do anyway, we got a message from Grammy that she was going to New Glasgow, and we told her to just come right along and pick us up.

She came a little after noon and we headed off to New Glasgow. We stopped at Walmart over there and got some lunch and some flowers, and then went to visit Nanny and Grampy Sloan.
After we spent some time there, we went to the cemetary to see my father's grave. Nanny and Grampy Perkins were there, doing some gardening. Yes there's a garden on and around my father's grave. Apparently it's not that uncommon here. ok. lol
So we tidied the flowers and they planted some little dahlias, which were his favorite flower. We watered them and then we went back to the Perkins' house for a visit. We had a snack and then headed back home where Scott had made us supper and ate by himself in a little temper lol. I try to remind him that HE chose to go umpiring on Father's Day.

It was a long day. Here are some photos from the day.

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Susan Blanton said...

You are so funny, not my favorite day of the year to. I try, but just don't feel it. LOL. That grave site looks so pretty with all of the flowers. Very nice touch.