Monday, June 11, 2007

Sprinkler Time

One day last week the kids came home from school hot and cranky so we decided it was a sprinkler day! We hauled the hose and sprinkler up into the field, and turned it on!
They had so much fun running through it! Our three, 2 friends, and 4 neighborhood kids eventually wandered their way here!

Taylor is too old to run through sprinklers (we'll see about that this summer) and she preferred to sit with the adults and small people.'She really enjoys looking after Keegan and Ella. (she thinks Jacob and Annika can look after themselves.)

She doesnt pose much!

The boys decided it was fun to pull on Taylor's skort and make her run around the field.

I hope this is the last time I see my baby chased around a field by 4 boys!!!!
Annika turned up a little late and didnt get very wet.

Ella didnt go into the water at all. She posed for me all afternooN!

Keegan is a camera ham, who knew????? Check out those eyes!


erica922 said...

WOW!!!!! Ella has grown sooooooo much and is such a beautiful baby girl TEri, tfs those pics dear

Susan Blanton said...

They are precious. Great photos.