Monday, September 01, 2008

School Hair Cuts!!!

Its that time of year again, time for haircuts for girlies to go back to school!

Annika had a trim before SK so she didnt need one now but her sisters sure did!

Its been too long since the kids had trims and their hair spends a lot of time in pony tails so its a little rough. Taylor's hair is SO long and SO thick!

She had it trimemd to get dead ends off, and got some bangs!
She had some long layers and texture put in as well.
Its a very mature haircut!
Holly has never had hair this long! She begs all the time for it to be short again and I beg her to leave it long a little longer;

Unfortunately she persevered and I gave in. Shorter hair suits her.
She was Thrilled with her hair and it does make her blue eyes shine :)

I can only hope these haircuts are not too high maintenance as Im not really up to doing more to their hair yet! Not until they can do it themselves!


Boo said...

First of all, they are so beautiful. Look at their eyes! WOW

Love their new haircuts. Funny how they want different cuts.

Rebecca Taylor said...

cute, cute, cute!
They have such beautiful hair!
Love the new style on Taylor and Holly really does look sweet with short hair.

Jocie said...

I love the cuts!!! They look all fresh and ready for school!

nscropper said...

They look wonderful ... love the haircuts.

erica922 said...

wow looooooove Holly new hair do! she looks adorable, and Taylor's hair is gorgoeus!!!

NancyJones said...

HOlly is absolutly adorable with short hair.
and Taylor all i can say is you are gonna have to lock hr in the closet and put her on the jelly donut diet. She is just too gorgeous for a 5th grader!!!!