Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our Trip to Saskatchewan

At the beginning of August, Annika and I took off for Saskatoon :) She had never flown and was SO excited :) I had been to Saskatchewan and wasnt terribly excited; its so boring hahahahahahha
Annika talked about the plane for weeks and packed her little back pack days before we were due to go! She had games and music to listen to, her Leapster, but no colouring stuff; a huge oversight!

The other girls stayed home with Nanny. They were not happy to see us go :( Poor Holly cried and cried, I missed her like mad! Taylor was brave and took it all well but I know she was sad :( Missed them both like crazy :(
Excited to go, but feeling much better with Shelley there to comfort her :)

I see ants down there!! This looking out got old fast but she would not let ME sit by the window and instead closed the window and watched tv hahahaha little rat! She watched a lot of shows and movies on the plane :)

Spent loads of time playing the Leapster :)

As soon as the prairies came into view I started to get a little sad about leaving MB, I really loved it there and still dont always know why we moved back to NS.

Lots of bridges in Saskatoon, very pretty :)

Trevor and Kevin met us at the Airport and we had a quick drive home :) His town Warman is not far from Saskatoon so only a few minutes found us at his house :)

Trent and Vicky and Cullen, and Mother were all there waiting, as were Rosanna and Lorne. We had some lunch and took it easy for the day, having been travelling for hours and hours and being on a different time zone. we took the little ones to the water park that night to cool off, and turned in early.

Thursday and Friday passed in a blur :) it was hot, we shopped and did little things to get ready for the wedding.
We spent a lot of Quality time with Cullen who was in turns pleasant and dealing with time change and noise, was overall very fun little fellow! :)

We did a few things for the wedding, Put together the little boxes of candies, discussed the decorations for the wedidng day.

There was loads of food begging to be eaten and we were always full :) It took less time to get used to eating on different times than it did to get used to sleeping at different times.

I went running both morning and had some good tours or Warman. I totally got lost one morning and ended up near home without knowing it lol Warman is great, as soon as you leave the main town part it is dirt roads and country :)
Just like Steinbach.

The day before the wedding, Scott flew into Saskatoon. He was immediately taken out golfing with the BOYS. I didnt feel totally left out and a little bitter at that; there was NOTHING for the girls, nothing at all except shopping and looking after kids, but the guys were golfing. As a "man" thing. NOT fair. I golf just as well as any of them. SIGH nope, not bitter here.
I had the joy all day of keeping Annika happy so that she would behave at rehearsal and wedding. I took her out and bought her make up and a mirror and some things to colour with, pretty girly things.
Friday night there was a wedding rehearsal and then I spent hours doing Annika's hair. Getting it ready for the big wedding the next day, I put loads and loads of curlers into Annika's hair :) she was very patient, poor little thing was so tired when I was done, she was almost sleeping at the table.

On the way to the Big wedding ;) Annika was feeling pretty stressed but special and happy and WHEW calm. She sure can pitch a fit when she puts her mind to it.

To my surprise, Annika did her job as flower girl perfectly, walking down the aisle in front of a bunch of strangers, standing quietly, sitting when told to sit :)
She was one of the "pretty wedding ladies" and she liked her role.

The wedding party looked wonderful :)

With Uncle Trent outside of the church :)

There were photos taken between the wedding and reception, and I took mother and Cullen from place to place behind the wedding party, keeping an eye on Annika and helping in little teensy, insignificant ways.
But I took the chance to take some really lovely photos of Annika and a few with Lorne as well although he was getting very tired of photos and I didnt want to wear him out for the real photos.

The wedding party being a little silly on the fountain; Annika hopped right up there in the center lol Cutiepie in front of the fountain with some stunningly pretty photos of the girl :)

Annika was awesome about posing for me, I loved getting some good photos of her :)

At the reception, speeches were given, dinner was eaten, dances were had. Annika was Extremely tired and actually begged to go home and go to bed, how sad. We were up very late watching and cleaning up.
I dont have many photos, didnt make taking them a priority, what a mistake that was. And there are almost none of me, none of Scott, and none of the two of us together.

So Sunday morning Scott and I got up Disgustingly early and went into Saskatoon for the River Run 5K. I was SO tired and a little dehydrated and it was so hot and blah blah I didnt do that well; I finished well but didnt improve on my 5K time, just glad to get it finished :)

It was Scott`s first 5 K and he could have had a really good time but he walked and waited for me instead and we came in together. Ugh not holding hands and there was no music playing ;) just running and sweat lol

Home and getting the house and yard ready for the gift opening. Sunday consisted of the gift opening, stifling heat, and the Olympics on TV :)
We actually hid in the relatively cool basement watching Olympics, keeping the kid cool, and chatting with the other usher who was a very nice golfer. :)
After the people left we took the kids to the water park and let them cool off. They really needed it. :)

Cups for filling and dumping on each other ;)

Annika spent a lot of time chasing Lorne to dump water on him and he spent a lot of time running away from her :)
Then she changed her focus and started coming after Rosanna and I with her water. I didnt mind her dumping it on my feet but did get a little annoyed when she dumped ice cold water in my lap and chair and I was fully dressed after all.
Crazy kid.

She soon spotted a new victim and then chased poor Uncle Kevin around the water park trying to give him nice, wet hugs. I totally was relieved to be free of this chase game lol.

Her persistence pays off and she caught up with uncle and gave him the hugs. Lots. Til he was very soaked.

Still a little wound up tho...

Back home and off to stabbing balloons with the forks.

Monday morning we went off sight seeing. We first went to Batoche, a metis settlement north of Saskatoon. It was Louis Riel`s last stand, so to speak.

Beautiful SK scenery on the way
Gives way to a valley on the river, very pretty :)
Church at Batoche survived the battle there because it was made into the hospital for the attackers.
Oh look I was there too.
Walking from the info center to the church and rectory.

Old wagon in front of the rectory.
Wooden hinges in the rectory, beautiful.
view out the old rippled windows :)

Bullet holes from the warning shots fired to cause the town people to leave.

post office in the top of the rectory.

annika heading down the stairs.

Out front :)
Walked to a look off where you could see the area where the old town was; no longer standing. Off in the distance towards the river there were three white spots showing where the settlement was.

Us at the look off over the river.

Cemetary was actually a really interesting place to visit. The church and cemetary were used long after the war ended at Batoche; into the 70`s I believe.
Mass grave where 9 of the dead Metis were buried.
this sad grave was one family, 6 children who all died on the same day in the 50`s. sad.
Annika reading up a little on her history.

overlooking the saskatchewn river.
walking over where the army settled and dug in for the fight. Hot and tired by now :)

Having a snack before leaving Batoche.

After we were done at Batoche we drove to Saskatoon and went to the zoo. Annika slept on the way, she was very tired and cranky when we got there. She spent the first half hour angry at us.

This bear was so funny :)

Bengal Tiger :)

Annika making great friends with the tiger :) they were SO big!

Caribou was very friendly
Scott actually touched it :)

Another one
Vicky and Cullen having a moment .:)
Annika watched this PeaHen for a long long time :) then it jumped off the fence and flew over the path :)
Kidswatching the ducks and geese in the pond; still Annika`s favorite part.

Annika was very patient and spent some time feeding this goose :)

baby tiger playful!
Very playful they were :)
AFTER the zoo we went out for supper to Bonanza. Think Ponderosa lol.
Scott and Cullen got along well. Both babies :)

Being our last night there, we attempted to make the most of the time. We didnt go to bed when we finally went home, we instead sat and talked and talked and talked.

Trevor showed us some of his souveniers including this Digeridoo (ok I knowI didnt spell it right) from Australia.
Annika got to try and play it.
Cullen had a great time playing in the balloons that had not been burst yet lol they were there for a long time :)
The morning we left Annika and Lorne were enjoying spending a little last time together. Lets say their time together was a little rocky.
We stopped on the way to the airport so I could take a few photos of the Wheat and Annika in the wheat that sort of represents Saskatchewan in my head :) had to have the grain field swaying in the wind.

On the first plane, about to take off and goodbye to Saskatoon!!!
The clouds and weather on the way were amazing. I took loads of photos!
we went around a lot of bad weather (hence amazing clouds) and actually saw some lightening on the second flight.

While we were eating in Ottawa we had a little time to relax and unwind :)

Our last airplane to NS and we were home in no time, to a neat thunder storm and 2 kids who were so happy to see us!!!


NikJustNik said...

OMG GIRL!!! They are some gorgeous photos of your girl!!!


OMG GIRL you are looking faboulous!!

Vicky said...

I have pictures of you and Scott walking your mom back down the asile and some other ones. I have some of you guys at the recpetion as well which I will give you. I want to give you all the photos but Trent is being hesitant at the moment because Trevor wants to only give people 30-40 of the ones he wants people to have in a slideshow. I guess I didn't realise that by taking the wedding photos for them that it completly meant that I couldn't also count them as family photos I would have taken (well not all of them I guess) anyway. I'm sure I will be able to give them to you anyway, so you not taking photos won't be a complete waste!

erica922 said...

wow Teri love those pics you took, love the pics of you and the kids are simply gorgeous CULLEN is such a cute little boy love his red hair lol
tfs looks like a wonderful time!!!!!!!

Laura said...

your daughter is beautiful!
you guys have been pretty busy...look at all those photos...awesome stuff.

Julie Duncan said...

Awesome photos TL,and your daughter is just precious! She looked so sweet on the plane and then all ready for the wedding.

nscropper said...

Beautiful pictures ... looks like your trip was lots of fun. :) Saskatchewan looks like a beautiful place.

NancyJones said...

THese photos are absolutly GORGEOUS she looks soooooooo prettty and look at you miss thang!! NOT TOO SHABBY THERE YA SELF!

NancyJones said...

ps I think it was sweet he waited to cross the finish line with you... too bad you werent holding hands and music playing and ......