Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another Beach Day

While Scott's cousin was home from out west with her little fellow we had a chance to go to the beach with them; they were staying at a cottage and it was a perfect time to get to the beach and see family :)
We headed out bright and early with the boys and Aleah (and various parent figures in tow) and when we got to the beach it was fairly cloudy and a little chilly :) the kids started out by wandering up the beach with buckets. They were searching for treasures and beach pets. Tide was in and right up to the rocks at the beach :)
There was a great place for the kids to sit for a photo and although I wanted all 7 of them to sit for a photo, CT and Aleah didnt really want to :)

So the girls and the boys sat for a cute photo
Then just the girls sat for me :) I totally put this in a frame in my living room :)

The girls and Aleah checking out the water. IT was not cold, just the air was chilly. There was so much to see in those rocks and seaweed!

A moment they didnt think I was looking :)

Totally put this in a frame as well ;) for my living room :)

view from the cottage while the tide was still fairly in.
After a lunch the kids had some time to relax at the cottage and they played on the swing and hammock.

Holly was working on her boogie board, trying to land on it and keep it moving...
And then trying to jump on it, staying standing up and moving forward. It was fun.
With the water so shallow it was pretty warm, a great place to play!
It left behind some pools that got as warm as bath water and were nice and sandy/muddy to play in :)Annika and Aleah shared some time together :)
We stayed until the end of the afternoon, only leaving to get to soccer on time :)

The tide was pretty far out and on its way back in when we left (reluctantly) for home :)


Boo said...

Great pics TL. Looks like the kids had a great time looking for sea pets! I love the beach!

Aleks said...

Ohhhh gorgeous pics... I am so enviouis and when i see this, I have such a longing for strange! The b&w you chose to frame, is GORGEOUS!!!! It's just perfect!

PS: You've been tagged!

nscropper said...

Awesome pics .... sounds like a perfect day. :)

BunnyKissd said...

Looks like a marvelous time! ^_^

erica922 said...

beautiful pictures of the kids at the beach!!!