Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tagged By Aleks

Tagged by my internet buddy Aleks Im rakking my brain to decide if there is anything interestingly random about me ;)

It’s a random tag and here are the rules!
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1. I crave apples WAY more than I crave chocolate or salt. But they have to be specific sort of apples, very hard and sour and crunchy.
2. I really need for things to be "even" on my feet. My socks have to be just right. and if Scott rubs one foot, he has to rub the other. If I stretch one foot, I have to stretch the other. and if I bump one foot, I tend to bump the other. Odd.
3. Im going to get an apple now.
4. I cannot stand used tape of any sort. Dont let it touch me, dont stick it to me, dont ball it up into a ball and throw it on me, and for gods sake kids stop sticking stickers on me! Im particularly grossed out if the sticky is stuck to a sock and it has gone through the washer and dryer and come out permanent and when I pull it off (gross) it leaves behind a "sticker stain".
5. I love my job but I dread going back to it.
6. I love weird and wild weather and actually hope that storms come here and hit us.

I tag:

1. Allison
2. Alison
3. Erica
4. Rebecca
5. I got no one else lol

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