Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Swimming Lessons

We try very hard to make sure the kids get swimming lessons. While they are sometimes hard to fit into our schedules, I do think that is one life skill they really need to learn.
So this summer they had lessons in the outside pool at Victoria Park.
Annika was in Swim Kids 1 (hehe) and she did extremely well. She has been in the preschool lessons for quite some time and was happy to be in the Big Kid lessons.

Annika did end up in Private lessons which was very good for her :) She loved the individual attention and really advanced well.

At the end of 3 lessons she passed level 1.

They love to get to go down the slide when lessons are over, as a bit of a reward.

Holly was in Swim Kids 3 with Emily. As they were the only 2 in their class, it was almost as good as private lessons lol.

Holly was very tickled to get her badge at the end of lessons. Next time she will be in level 4.

Taylor was in level 6 with lots of other kids in other levels. LOL it was a hard level. She will be taking it again.

I dont think they are taking more until fall.

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