Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Kiddie Golf

The kids are again taking some golf lessons from Uncle Steve this summer. Well they have only made it to one but I am hoping before end of golf season they will get to many more :)The season does go well into fall...

Annika is taking some lessons this year as well as Taylor and Holly. they start with putting lessons first, Im not sure where they move next :)

The kids have their own golf clubs (too big for Annika so far) and they like to come out while Scott and I golf and just hit the balls around with us. They can usually keep up and they tend to take breaks and look for frogs in the ponds and in the woods. I kinda hope at least one of them takes up the hobby!


nscropper said...

Looks fun! :)

Boo said...

That is great that you guys are all playing golf together. It will be great for you to all go out together and enjoy some family time. :o)