Monday, April 30, 2007

Saturday Night fun for all

Friday night Taylor had a sleepover at Gems. I went along and helped at the pool but I did not stay over at the church with them. Im surprised. I thought I would be more worried. BUt i was so tired and so sick of my sore eye, and had so much to do, I just went home. Cause we had PLANS for Saturday night!

We (Allison, Ann, and I) invited our downline's to a meeting at Allison's house :) we invited our Upline Yvonne to join us as well :) We all prepared Shoebox swaps, and brought them along. There were 7 of us.

So I got mine ready Saturday morning. Classic me.

Taylor and I joined Leanne and Lane for a trip out to see the pony Genie. Bad mommy, I forgot to take the camera, and I have no photos of Taylor riding Genie. The girls had so much fun! They are in for a busy summer :)

Home and packed up quick and Scott and the kids drove me out to Allison's house. I had awesome supper with them, and Scott took Katelyn home for a sleepover at our house!

Im not sure what they did, but they had loads of fun. I think they watched hockey and fell asleep. They were good :)
I wouldnt know. I wasnt there :)

We were too busy Stampin'. Ignore those colourful glasses on the table. They are for show only :):):) We did 7 ShoeBox Swaps before 2 am. When we went home. To bed and lovely sleep :):)

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