Monday, April 30, 2007

Blog Topic Week 6

Ive missed a few of these but intend to do some catch up :)

This week, why don't we write about where we would like to be 10 years from now! What do you think your life will be like in the year *yikes* 2017.... What do you hope to have happen in that time?

By the time 2017 comes I should have one child in college and legally drinking OMG. I should have 2 girls in high school. I hope they all still live at home. Although that's not that realistic for the one who is going to be in college. I am hoping they are healthy, smart, and totally involved in every sport going. I hope we have no drug issues, no teen mommies, and they take it easy on the "expression of their characters" ie not tonnes of piercings, tattoos, green hair, etc.
I would like to see us in a nicer house, in a better place to live. Our area is ok but I see and hear too much of the industrial park and a few of my neighbors dont exactly fill me with security. And we need more space.
I hope to be working part - full time in a rewarding job.
I hope Scott is still working his job and that he still loves it.
I hope our parents stay healthy.

In dreamier thoughts, I would like to be mostly debt free, paying for college with the petty cash, and have a mini farm and a few horses and other animals.

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