Sunday, April 22, 2007

Road Trip

I love road trips. I really really do!
I prefer them to take more than 3 days. But I still love them.

We head out on Friday morning, with the three kids, and no dogs.

So Here's a smattering of photos.

oK we left Friday morning, took the kids out of school, and went to Mirimichi almost without stopping.
It was a gorgeous warm, sunny, cheerful day. We hung out in the sun for awhile at the mall in Mirimichi.
Poor Taylor was not feeling well, she was living on Tylenol Cold and Cough Drops, plus lemon water.

WE hit campbellton and crossed the bridge. For such a lovely day we were shocked at the amount of snow and ICE in the water.

We found Marjorie's house without any trouble. We literally turned off the bridge, turned right, and drove for an hour and a half to her house :)
We got most aquainted with Hannah first. She came right out, showed us the barn, the sheep, and Much Prized Molly :):):)The girls loved getting a ride on her!

and what a sweet, patient pony she is!
Friday night we got somewhat aquainted. We stayed up nice and late.
Saturday morning Marjorie hosted a Stampin' Up party for her friends. The kids and Scott had fun outside on another gorgeous day, and they spent some time watching TV too "sigh"
Holly made great friends with Lucky the Lamb. He's an orphan lamb at the farm. He follows people all over the place! LOL

Including into the house :):):)

Annika and Skylar are almost the same age. They got along very very very well (at least until Annika got really tired and impossible.) Ashton tried to play along....

We were lucky to have some Crab for supper! They told me we would love it more than lobster. Well the Jury is out on that, but it was absolute heaven! LOL! The kids mostly liked it, Holly did not but she's been the picky one lately so I am not surprised at all!

Tonnes of fun cleaning the crabs for the kids didnt sit picking the bits out, I do have some issues with stuff like that LOL. Texture also grosses me out but that's another topic.

Aren't they pretty? Nicely appetizing?

Taylor and Hannah got along so well! They are close enough in age, Taylor had a little Hero worship going on, she thinks Hannah is awesome, and Hannah has loads of patience :):):)

And eating the crap took a long long long time :):):) Every single scrap was taken care of!
Saturday night we vistited more, the kids played, Marjorie and I played with stamp stuff, and we stayed up really late!

Sunday morning and time to leave! We got up super early, Holly was up and dressed in time to feed Lucky one last time. She cried when told we could not take him home in a diaper.

Annika and Skylar had a sweet goodbye. I hope they remember each other in the future.

Proof we were there at the same time... hahahahah!
isnt she cute and tall??
this is the awesome view Marjorie has when she walks out her front door. Can we say Jealous??

The kids crammed in the back. they were really comfy and behaved SHOCKINGLY well on the whole day long trip. Actually the whole weekend was incredibly good!

Scott and his Tim's.

We had a time limit for rushing home. Nanny and Grampy and the older girls had plans :)


Whaledancer said...

Oh look at that LAMB!! So sweeeeeettttt and woolie and cuuuuuute.
Glad you are home safe from you Quebec experience. The crab legs look delishus.

Boo said...

Looks like you had a GREAT time! How cute to see your dd on Marge's dd's pony. You'll have to tell us more about your meeting!

Look at those crab legs! Wowsers!!

NancyJones said...

HOLLY HAD A LITTLEEE LAMB.. LITTLE LAMB.. LITTTTTTTLLLLLLEEEE LAMB.... THat is what bella is running around singing.
LOOK AT YOU AND MARGE AND HER DD HOW STINKIN CUTEEEEEEE OMGOS I WISH I WAS THERE!!!!! (did she feed you some poo poo? did she tell youa bout that ROFLMBOOOO long story but so funny)

Whaledancer said...

I am so JEALOUS of that view and the animals and the fact that your friend is so stinkin' pretty.
Me hates her...