Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Yeah I am going to replace Hockey and Skating with bikes now. Always bike photos ;):):)

The kids love their bikes. They are always looking to move up, but they love their bikes. No, they do not look after their bikes. But they love having them and riding them.

Scott also seems to like to collect bikes. LOL Last year he hurt Taylor's bike while attempting to force some pedals onto it. While waiting to fix this bike, he bought a new one from our Bike Enabler. We got Scott's bike from this friend before too. LOL So Taylor had 2 bikes. lol

Well Taylor's bike cannot be fixed. Apparently it's too cheap to get replacement parts for? That's the impression i got. We didnt tell Taylor, knowing she'd be sad. Besides, she already had another bike.

Then Brad comes up with another bike. This time, for me. I didnt mind my old bike, I kinda thought it was ok. But apparently I needed another, neat bike. And it is a nice bike. I dont mind it, it looks pretty cool. Lots of shocks and suspension and gears. lol So now I have a new bike.

Sure enough, yet another appeared. This new bike is a little bigger than the one Taylor started to use last year. It has shocks and stuff. And gears. LOL It's far too big for Holly, who was all too willing to give it a go.

Holly didnt take too long to get back to her own Holly-Sized bike. She's much happier being able to reach the ground!!

Taylor took up position on the new bike. It's brakes are so touchy she's quite sure she might go over the handle bars. I better convince her that back brakes are gooooood!

Annika wants her training wheels off. She's not really even close to being off them, but wants them off nonetheless. She was more concerned about her shoes looking silly than her bike. :):):)

So tyhen we wander along the road up and down, up and down. The road is a nice U shape and slow traffic is good.
We found Kariya and took her biking too :)


Whaledancer said...

Bike Enabler!! mwahahahahahaha Thats so funny.
We just got new bikes for the boys at Canadian Tire. Cameron had outgrown his and Benoit, the child that lives on macaroni and air and thus does not grow like a weed, his bike was a piece of #$%^ that the chain kept coming off of no matter what we did.
Have you seen the new electric Schwinns??? oooooooooooohhhhhh

Scrappytbear said...

Electric bikes how FUNNY is that?? Not in my future LOL!