Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Take 1

Easter came a little early to our house!!
Nanny brought in her Easter Gifts the day before Easter. She didnt think the kids would want to wait until supper time on Easter Sunday to get them! :):):):) I am just as happy to separate Easter from the whole Gift thing because Im not sure my kids Get the whole easter meaning (sure they do know the story) but it's allll about the gifts!! LOL

So after we went shopping, and drove to see the Larkin girls for a little while, we came home and Nanny came in to visit. She brought lots of bags :)

First Scott made the kids go into the living room and not look out the windows. He made them close their eyes on the couch :) They almost crawled out of their skin, they were so excited! LOL

Then Scott came riding in on Taylor's gift, a Scooter! LOL And not just any old scooter either! LOL

One look at the scooter and all 3 kids Jumped out of their skin! LOL They were very very excited! LOL

Nanny and Daddy watch the excitedment Taylor meets her Scooter :)

Of course by this time the other 2 kids have totally lost it LOL Where's Mine Where's Mine?

Holly got her much covetted Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey. Little does she know that it's a real one, that Nanny got on Ebay :) Go Nanny! LOL (or go Connie lol we KNOW who did the real Ebaying :)) Nanny even sewed a Masters tag on the back for her! Now they are discussing which number should go on the back.

Annika didnt know that she wanted Roller Skates, but she's thrilled to have them! LOL This was an idea from her wise and all knowing parents :) And no RollerSkating season would be complete without a Helmet to keep that little head safe! :):):)

Annika asked for some Rubber boots. Not just any rubber boots, but Toronto Maple Leaf boots. she was pleased to get all of her wishes!
Actually I wish she hadnt gotten everything she wanted. She was so sure that Nanny would get her exactly what she wanted, and she said if Nanny didn't, she would be in Big Trouble. Im sure she was only joking....

Taylor also got new rubber boots, the ones she wanted.
Lucky girls we have here!