Friday, April 03, 2009

Random Thought #9

Dear Guy in the Big Black car with the Loud Lacking Mufflers
I am So very sorry that I almost dented your car today with my big ol ass. I didnt realise that I wasnt to be running across that part of a driveway because you would want to drive there and didnt have the time to wait for pedestrians. And that rude gesture you gave me as I darted out of your way was really sweet too...Thanks for letting me know how much of an inconvenience I was. I will watch for your car in the future and be sure to be just as sweet. Asshole.
Signed, Lucky to be Running again tomorrow.


Ali P said...

You should run with keys sticking out of your fist...
Not that I am ever suggesting you should key someones car or let the air outta their tires...that would be wrong....satisfying but wrong.

nscropper said...

Sounds like you encountered a real moron. glad you are ok.