Monday, April 20, 2009

Random Thought #12

Any time other than 5 am on a Sunday morning would have been a good time to clean a hotel parking lots. ANY TIME.

Ok so not so much a random thought as a total complaint to top off our weekend in Glace Bay. Yeah we went to Glace Bay so I could play hockey. And the hotel stay SUCKED.

Zoey barked; they complained; had to take her with us everywhere. What a pain. She's a bad bad bad dog.

The room wasnt clean. IMO. Scott says it was fine but I didnt like it. Smelled.

Pool closed for maintenance for a freaking WEEK. Same with fitness room. So no relaxing pool/Saturday workout.

No Conditioner in the bathroom or the hotel in fact. Nothing but soap and shampoo.
Maybe Ive been spoiled by nice hotels.

Towels were not clean. I dumped them all in the bathtub.

And to top it off
5 am on Sunday morning a street sweeper type thing pulled up under our window and proceeded to spend an hour sweeping the parking lot. AN HOUR. Making noise as it swept and then making that terrible Beep Beep Beep back up noise. FOR AN HOUR. By the time it left we were kinda awake but tried very hard to sleep again. Likely managed another few groggy minutes of sleep before we had to get up and get ready for the drive home. Exhausted.

SO much for our relaxing weekend away. We likely slept less than we would have at home.

Not a random thought. A random RANT.


Ali P said...

Where the hell did you stay?? EEEEwwww.

nscropper said...

that is awful ... i'd be fuming. i hope you sent a letter of complaint to them. i think i'd want my money back.

Rebecca said...

That really sucks. I agree... write a letter. What a terrible experience!