Saturday, June 13, 2009

Annika has a busy week of performances :)

Annika took a hiphop/jazz dance class this winter and it wrapped up last weekend with a big show! Her little class was...interesting; she did learn some moves and she did have fun but I was really glad at the end of the year to hear her say she didnt want to go back. I did not think it was worth the hundreds of dollars it cost; she didnt really learn that much. I am glad she did have fun, makes it worth something. And she was so cute!

the group is ready!
Words from teacher
Stage makeup!

after Annika performed she was upset that she could not see us (huge crowd) so she cried...and cried when we picked her up...took her a bit to warm up and open those flowers :)

Cute little Fly on the wall!


nscropper said...

Awwwww .... she is adorable. How fun is that. :)

grammy perkins said...

That is soooo sweet. I'll have to get her to show me her routine. Too bad for her that she couldn't see you there. Would have been perfect for her then.