Thursday, September 21, 2006

July 9 06

Another Beachy Day, a Concert, and a Rest.
Saturday. The whole weekend is spread out in front of you. I love Saturday. Friday we are all tired, Sunday we are just thinking new week, but on Saturday we have 2 days off, and the weekend is just starting. Although Scott started his vacation so we actually have a whole week, doesn t matter I still love Saturday LOL
We got up early and did go to the beach. Our friend had taken Taylor over the night before anyway, so we went to their cottage and spent the day. The kids had so much fun, we barely saw them close up, and had some real relax time. They built a "habitat" for some Hermit crabs they found (SOME??) maybe 30? We swam some but there were these little things in the water that pop out of the sand and tickle our feet...they freak me out and I just...couldn't do them hahahahaha I stayed on the sand most of the time. The little ones tried out their new Body Boards, loved those!We had a nice lunch, got sunburned, and dragged ourselves home in time for showers and supper.
The kids went to their cousin's for the evening while we went out! OMG out like adults! we went to the Lotto Truck Drive, which has a wonderful concert and Dance associated with it. We did not win the Truck but we did see George Canyon live, and we dranks lots of beer and visited with lots of friends and some familyIt was SO hot and SOOOO crowded. We were in fact avoiding a family wedding dance that we had been invited to, because the Bride and Groom divided the family into A: We like you so come to the wedding, and B: We dont like you, come to the dance and bring a present. We chose C: neither LOL. After the concert we decided we did not want to stay for the Truck Draw dance, and did not want to go to the wedding dance, so we went to Scott's Parent's place to see Aunts and Uncles. Got the kids home somewhere around 1 am (yes they were sleeping) and then we tried hard to sleep in, tried hard! LOL
So today I have been resting. we did a little bit of laundry, spent some time working with the dog, weeded some sunflowers, and I read the rest of one of the books I am reading, The Second Summer of the Sisterhood. Despite my attempts to be disciplined and read one at a time, I have been reading 2 The kids went to the Golf Course with their grandparents for a drive in the golf cart, then visited with their Nanny for a couple of hours. Scott Umpired for 2 games, and I was alone to watch the Soccer Game
Now the kids are getting ready for sleep. They have VBS tomorrow and I dont know what we are doing

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