Thursday, September 21, 2006

July 10 06

Monday July 10
Monday, and the first day of Vacation for Scott, first day of VBS for the kids, and nothing for me
We're not planning anything for vacation, as Tuesday Scott will be making the end of our procreation period a reality. yup, it's his turn, and he's having the vasectomy. Mixed feelings on this one, I am sure I will get into that another time.
The kids started VBS, and it's a wonderful and exciting thing for them! They love to be out doing things, they have no aversions to singing songs about Jesus all day (ya at home too), and they find the theme, The Amazing Race, quite a lot of fun. There's a mascot, Otto, and their VBS leaders are called Pit Crew. They painted plant pots, and planted grass seeds in them. They sang and danced and had stories and played games like water games and bust the balloon with your butt games LOL. They had a great time
Annika spent the morning doing things she likes with mom and dad alone, like colouring and playing with the dog
We hoped to go to the pool in the afternoon but got busy doing house things and ended up not. Had to get groceries for the next 2 weeks (so I say; we spent 2 weeks worth of budget!)
and then supper and off to baseball for us, Umpiring for Scott.
Off and Running for Tuesday

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