Thursday, September 21, 2006

July 27 06

Thursday is a Busy Day YAhoo!
I do love a busy day! Thursday was hot hot hot (think 100F) and we didn't stay inside and waste the heat! LOL
First thing in the morning we went for coffee at a neighbor's house and the kids played together. This is the friend with the 2 little boys and beautiful Ella of the photos! LOL Coffee is such a nice way to start a day!
at 1030 Holly had her turn at the Youth Program at the Library. She really had fun, they did stories and a movie and made crafts, such as her stylish Visor and a little foam bird hanging thing.
Taylor and Annika played upstairs with me and a friend who has a daughter Natalie, Taylor's age (her daughter Amy is Holly's age and was downstairs with Holly). They coloured and read until they discovered that OMG they ARE allowed to go on the computers there (I had them convinced they could not) and voila I had them all over the computers. Annika was on a little one with games and it had headphones so she kept yelling to me MAMA I can't do it! LOL And Taylor and Natalie played Webkinz together.
So after the library we went to the NS Agricultural College Open House. That is where I did my BSc and met Scott. There was so much to do and we got there a little late, so kinda rushed around a little to see what we could!
first we were near the Ag engineering building so we stopped and they had trees there for the kids. They are some sort of Fir trees. Then we walked over to the Admin building where there was tattoos and if we'd been earlier, ice cream LOL. There was a spot to plant a seedling, so we have 3 new Hosta babies to plant,
Eventually we made it to where the food was and we had hamburgers,
then we caught the hay ride down to the Animal Science and Aquaculture building...
excuse my wretched appearance, it was 100 F. LOL
At the Haley Institute we headed for the aquaculture department. There were fish to see and touch,
They pretended to fish for styrofoam fish, they say all sorts of salmon and trout, and some really large Koi )somehow I neglected to get photos of all this...maybe all the bags I was carrying around with trees and plants and papers??? Oh and the water bottles...)
So we checked out the exhibit on the Genome Project and they got to get a little too much info on how babies form LOLOL the questions OMG LOL!
then we caught the hayride back to near our car and went home. I was about had it with a headache LOL and they were tired too. Into the pool they went. and I layed down for a few minutes while the little ones climbed on me LOL
Scott came home for supper and watched some of Holly's soccer game before he went off Umpiring and when the soccer game was over we went to the ball game, which ended somewhat badly, and Scott left us sitting there looking for him. So home and off to bed.
Did anyone see the Andrea Yates interviews on Primetime?? Sheesh....unbelievable.

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