Thursday, September 21, 2006

July 06 06

Bloggin It Again
I wrote a nice long detailed post a few nights ago. I added photos and had nice little funnies in it. And It's disappeared in an apparent Post/Comment/Blog eating episode. Naturally I cannot remember what I had said, and Ive been so Irritated about it since I noticed, Ive not come to write again. Pout Pout.

So here I am trying to play catch up. I am hoping this will help me remember what I need to add in my Month Long Album I am attempting to create. I plan one for summer and one for winter. And I started keeping track on Canada Day, July 1.
On Canada day my mother was here and we took the kids to the parade. The kids were in the parade on the Exhibition float with their Aunt, cousins, father, and the dog. It was fairly relaxing walking about Kid-Free for a little while We got lots of photos!

After home and lunch and a little rest we took the kids to the park for some of the festivities and then home to prepare for a BBQ we had for some of our friends and the Grammy/Nanny's. We planned to go to the fireworks afterwards but a neighbor set off a few fireworks and scared my mother's dog who ran away and we spent ages looking for her before we ran up the hill for the only view we could get I got a few photos and we went home. The dog was picked up by Animal control and we got her back the next morning.
July 2 we rested. It rained and was gloomy, I finished a book and entertained the Grammy. Monday Taylor started Science camp! She loved it! They did River Health the first day, we went to the park where they were for a walk and saw them in the river on our way We had a nice long walk and after a quick supper Taylor had a Baseball Game. Said goodbye to Grammy, ran a couplr of errands, and headed home. Tuesday (July 4) we took Taylor to Science camp where they did Billions of Bugs. then I took the little girls to the beach to play with some friends. It was hot and steamy, the tide was out, and it was a perfect beach day! they found a hermit crab they called Crabby and they played with it all afternoon. they played soccer on the beach sand bars and they floated on Body Boards. What a life. Taylor was picked up by Nanny and after Holly's soccer game we went out to get her and Had supper. Taylor got her grading shopping trip and gifts, she and Nanny got her a new watch, another Webkinz, and an ice cream. Holly spent the night with her Nanny.
Wednesday was really quiet, with just Annika and I here. Taylor was off again to Science Camp, where they did Some Tree Science. Annika and I did Laundry, changed my bedroom around, cleaned the little girls' room, and vaccuumed and cleaned all the floors, cleaned the kitchen, the bathroom, and tidied the basement a little bit. I did some house cleaning it was rainy and hot in the morning, and sunny and steamy in the afternoon. Taylor had Baseball again and Nanny and Grampy came to watch. It was a good game, I can't believe how quickly these kids are picking up the game! Home and baths, bed for everyone.
And that brings us to today. Science Camp, Library youth Programs, and lunch have been our hightlights. Yay I think I will save the details for tonight

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