Thursday, September 21, 2006

End of Sport Season Part 3

And the Soccer Season has ended! At least the regular season! They have yet to have their summer season wrap up, a tournament to be held this Saturday coming up. So stay tuned for Part 4! HAHAH
Watching the last game, I was reminded of the first few games. Oh my they have come a long way. Although they still have a lot to learn and some teams are far better than others, this team Holly was on does not resemble at all the team it was at the start! Their enthusiasm has been channelled into some real soccer skill! There are some who are never going to be soccer players, they lack coordination and ambition and aggression, but had strengths in other areas like excitement and team spirit, and always made us all laugh! Then there are those with natural ability in abundance who will be really dangerous when they actually learn to get the ball where they aim it! LOL
Of course Holly falls in the middle somewhere. She needs to be more aggressive although she's far more than she was at the start. And she has natural ability that needs to have some direction! I am so proud of how far she's come!
This was a nice game with a really good coach on the other side who when he saw that their team was going to Cream us, started holding someone back near goalie in a defense position so as not to completely overrun the kids! Kudos to him! I believe our team would do far better if people had come to practice but I'm not the coach and its kids soccer so what does one say!??
Holly found a moment to rest while she was playing Goalie as the play was up at the other end a bit
I am so glad to see Holly in the midst of things, if she stays there she gains tonnes of confidence and feels good about the game she is playing! When she stands out and watches she feels a little sad and comes back saying she's not very good, so I love to see her putting herself in because she comes back saying did you SEE what I did Momma?? I nudged those guys out of my way and got the ball!
At the end of the game there were some snacks and lots of Congratulations all around! IT was a great season and I am still just amazed at how these kids played the game! I cant wait til they actually start to understand the RULES!!
Catch up with Part 4, the final installment of the never ending season! LOL

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