Thursday, September 21, 2006

In a busy week

School is now in full swing and the kids are thrilled with it! Well mostly LOL. Taylor loves that she sees her friends again, Holly is making friends, her favorite is a boy named Miles lol. All in all it is going well They give demerits in school in a way that they can understand, like Holly gets a clothes pin each time she gets one...well she has gotten 2 and seems unaffected hahahaha I remember when Taylor got one once, she cried about it LOL. Holly not so much
With School comes the inevitable play dates. Taylor has literally asked every school day if she can have Cara come home or if she can go to Cara's house. On the second day of school Cara came here. Then the third day (Friday) Taylor went there and stayed over night. Then Cara came back here with her and stayed til Sunday afternoon. At that point we had to make it stop but Monday and Tuesday came the same pleas, can she come over? Can she come over??And then Holly cries when she doesnt have someone over too. I mean the kids across the street are always here but they dont count anymore
Aleah is fitting back in well I was worried that after not seeing much of her over the summer she would be strange of us but she's not, she's happy to be here again and that makes things a lot easier
Annika finds it a little strange to be alone here but Aleah helps and she feels pretty special when we do things together so I think that's going to be fun too
The second day of school was a lovely sunny day so the kids played outside afdter school and after supper we went to the park with some friends and they played til they were tired out
Saturday was Holly's final day of Soccer. Talk about drag it out LOL But she played two good games and was awarded her medal and it all went very well, she loves Soccer.
She also loves Hockey and is starting that this year! We;ve signed her up and got most of her gear already Sunday morning we had an opportunity to get her out on the ice and we went! Despite it being barely dawn LOL
Holly has a new friend she takes everywhere...I believe she also calls him Kermit, how original
So I have been painting my bathroom for like a year now. We put down awesome Ceramic tiles last summer and left the trim off so I could paint the walls. And then time got away, we were babysitting and busy with school, and suddenly, it was summer again. And we've been working on it all summer. Here and there when we have a few minutes.
Im determined to get it done very soon! All the cream coloured base coat is on, now I am ragging on glaze and Cuban Cigar coloured paint. There will be a finish over to make a linen appearance if I ever get that far!
And thatis what I did Sunday. We also watched Scott umpire likely the last game of the season, visited his Brother and family for a little while, then came back to get ready for school the next day.
Scott went to Newfoundland on Monday, what a long day for us! THe kids got along well tho and it was not bad A test for Scott's long trip I suppose, he leaves Thursday for 5 days.
Tuesday Annika, Aleah, and I went to Halifax with Scott. We got the cutest long sleeve T's for the kids SChool Photos on Friday! They are awesome!
Now Wednesday...I woke up with a Cold. Did I mention Scott leaves Thursday for 5 days?

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NancyJones said...

LOVE the technique your using on your walls I must try that on mine!!!! LOOK How stinkin cute she is in her hockey uniform!!!! JOHn wants bella to play hockey I willa hve to show her this lol