Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Family Wedding Sept 4

I am not sure I know very many people who like weddings. I mean, they are nice and most people love to celebrate with family and witness loved ones getting married, but who really likes to get dressed up and then sit and sit and sit through service and photo time and speeches and meal....just to get to the dance. LOL Ok I love the dance part. I like dancing (sure wish Scott did) and once it gets to the dance part I am a happier person. But the waiting part...well I could do without it.
So we went to a family wedding on Friday night in Halifax, an hour away from home. I spent most of Friday getting ready in some way shape or form for this wedding of my cousin Ricky. This guy who I dont hardly know anymore, sadly, although we used to be closer. He and his sister Vicky used to visit a lot with their parents, and Vicky was actually one of MY bridesmaids. But once kids all become teens, and stop travelling around with their parents, people tend to lose touch and only see each other at Christmas, Christenings, and weddings. So yeah, from the time I got up and started cleaning so that I could get to my MILs on time to get my pants hemmed and ironed and then shower and do hair and makeup etc, I was getting ready for this wedding.
I watched the people at this wedding, thinking they are friends of my cousin who I cannot help but remember as the dorky little teen who one Christmas tried to explain Furby to me. I still dont get Furby, but I will have to get used to the reality that Rick grew up and has gotten married. And he found a really nice person in his "wife" (OMG) Erin, I look forward to getting to know her.
All in all I did enjoy the wedding. It started pretty much on time, and we were not late! YAY! The bride and her ladies were so pretty, the bridesmaids in Navy. The service was nice and not too long, the bride cried which was of course sweet, and then boom they were walking out! The kids didnt even have much time to misbehave and make noise!
We all went outside to wait for the happy pair to come back out so we could blow bubbles for them
Yes those are my girls, up front and center with their bubbles!
After the wedding there was a little waiting before the bride and groom (hereafter referred to as BandG) to go to the reception. I guess they must have had their photos taken before the wedding, as there was no rushing off for photos. SO there was some chatting and greeting, and Grammy sat on the grass and blew bubbles with the grands.
Then we went to the reception. We had to make a couple of stops on the way for gas and scotch tape, and then got somewhat lost since we dont know the town that well LOL and we got to the reception at an aquatic club shortly After the BandG. Our seating was a little less than ideal, outside of the immediate area so we were listening to the speeches and such through doorways, and the noisy people behind us who were not trying to hear anything were a little disturbing. We actually got yelled at on account of them LOL since no one inside could hear over them either. Oh well.
Scott and Holly waiting.
Aunt Vicky and Annika waiting.
Grammy and I waiting. Note the presence of beverages which make the waiting easier.
Taylor and Auntie Jessie listening to speeches.
We survive the speeches, enjoy the food, and then the dancing starts! YAY! The kids almost couldnt wait! Cousin Vicky had promised to dance with them and did not disappoint!
And Taylor managed a dance with the mother of the Groom (Auntie Kathy)!
By this time the kids are having fun and the hard stuff is over, and Scott starts with "it's time to go home, it's past bedtime". Of course it is LOL it was almost before we started!
Taylor got up the nerve to ask the Bride to dance. LOL Brides are so sweet!
This made their whole night! The only thing missing was the Chicken Dance, and it remained missing!
We danced a few more times, and Scott and I attempted to dance alone even, to no avail. LOL we were always accompanied by one or two or three kiddies.
There was the inevitable Macarena...And just before we left, there was the Locomotion...
And then there was one asleep and another on the way so it was time to go. I could have stayed longer but there were kids...
We got home sometime after midnight. Thank goodness the weekend was here!

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