Thursday, September 21, 2006

July 7 06

the Soccer game, Science Camp, and other fun stuff
Holly had a soccer game tonight...she has gone from the little crying girl on the field 2 weeks ago who didn't know Soccer would be so Twicky, to the little one who scored her first GOAL! YAY! Last night they were terribly out done by the other team. Not sure what the issue is, but Holly's team lacks a little ambition maybe? LOL they just don't really seem to want to play hard, wandering around, staring at the clouds..while the other teams score goal after goal...anyway, Holly has been practicing and really loves to play...and last night I saw the most enthusiasm I ever have in her! It was wonderful to see, she was jumping up and down on the side lines, and when she was playing she was always in the action. and It paid off with her first GOAL which this camera toting mommy MISSED a photo of, I was too busy cheering for her If you had seen her crying her eyes out begging to go home just 2 weeks was a great night for her!

Taylor found Science Camp a little slow. They were learning to be Stewards of the Environment...whatever that means. She has taken it upon herself to learn a new french word every day of this summer. That would be neat, if she'd just write it down...but she's all about pictures so she Draws something for each one, and she's taking HOURS! She won a draw at the library and has won a book of some sort....I may take her to get it tomorrow.
And Annika I believe has an eye infection. we've started the drops but she doesnt like it! oh fun and now my eyes are itching, allergies or more, Ive no idea!
I have cleaned a lot of the rec room yesterday and started to find my scrappin stuff too! I will be so glad to have that room back! It was taken apart to add a cabinet last winter but no one helped put stuff away so it has stayed that way til I had time to deal with it. I am getting there!!
Busy day today, must run!BYEEEEEEEE

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