Thursday, September 21, 2006

July 14 06

Friday July 14
Scott's recovery is coming along nicely I would say he's mostly back to normal, he referreed the soccer game Thursday night and on Friday he's been trotting around, he's going Umpiring All of Saturday and Most of Sunday, so I call it a "fix"! Hehehe
Friday morning was the last day of VBS! It was SO good! There was a huge crowd and I have never seen parent participation like this place! There were tonnes of parent volunteers and teachers! Teens were the "Pit crew" or team leaders, and it was lead by Many parents. The Last Lap was a lot of fun, we saw many of the songs the kids have been singing, and they wrapped up the whole "Lesson" thing I played with my camera and took a lot of photos working on settings and focus and lighting, had lots of time
I dont think I have ever seen Holly so comfortable or taking part in something so completely! I think her shyness is fading and she's starting to really enjoy being out doing things with crowds of people. Not a moment too soon as she starts school in September! LOLTaylor was in her element singing and dancing, she's always been happy to be the center of attention and needs a wonderful Drama Club HAHAAHH!
At home we ate and I sat out on our new lawn chairs reading for FAR too long I finished Circle of Friends which I believe I actually saw the movie for a million years ago It was a good book, different times of course. Maybe I should try reading Little Women, seems they would have loads in common. So now I do have a bit of a sun burn lol from sitting out for an hour or 2 without sunscreen "sigh" When we were kids you could occassionally venture out without a full body suit or sunscreen and not crisp.
Taylor called and invited over Morgan and MacKenzie for a swim, and the pool was a little warmer although they occassionally had to get out and warm up when their lips got too purple.
After the swimming afternoon and a wonderful BBQ supper of Bacon wrapped Filet Mignon (for the parents) and some kinda steak for the kids, with bbq potato slices and corn, we went for Ice Cream with Scott's parents, came home and snuggled in bed watching TV until we all fell asleep. It was hot and muggy while we waited for Thunderstorms that never came "sigh" so we are expecting a very hot Saturday. Too bad Scott has to umpire while I take the kids swimming

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