Thursday, September 21, 2006

Why do I Blog??

I have been asked so many times lately, why do I bother to blog?? It actually takes quite a while to do it, time I could be spending on something more important. Time I could be cleaning the house, hanging up laundry, or even time I could be Scrapping! So Why am I doing it??
I gave it a little thought and came up a few reasons. For one, it is a really nice way to keep the family up to date on what we have been up to. And we've been up to a lot. Maybe once things slow down I can get a little more Thought-oriented and a little less Event-oriented. So I can send family and friends to the blog to see photos, and read what we've been doing
I also like to write and have not done much in a long long time. It's a chance to journal with photos, and keep almost a diary. That's been interesting, I never had much success at keeping a diary but the online thing is a little easier. I have learned the hard ways not to let too much of my thoughts hit the web, lol but this is an easy way to keep a little journal of our days and my scrapbooking stuff.
Which leads to my third reason, to keep track of what we did and when we did it. So many times I will get to photos and think ok when did we do that and why did I take that photo?? And what did the kids say?? And what did we do next?? Well if I write it down and add enough photos to remind me what and why, then when I go to scrap those photos, I have already done a lot of the who and what and where and why. I have most of the journaling done already! and I know the sequences better It's a good way to organise photos and journaling together and they are going to make easy pages come together!
And that's why I am still blogging. Get ready cause we had a busy week!

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