Thursday, September 21, 2006

New Pets

This summer the kids decided to try new pets. We have tried a lot of different things. We have had birds and Geckos. We had little rodents, like Gerbils, and weve had the chinchilla, bunny, and lots of fish. We moved into a new world last week of pets. Taylor spent the summer begging for a snake. She attempted to keep her room clean, act maturely and responsibly, and earn this pet. Im not convinced she has earned it, but we did bring home a snake for her. "Speeder" the corn Snake is a Motley corn snake(has something to do with colour) and it eats baby mice called Pinkies.
Naturally since Taylor got something, the other two girls wanted something. Thinking of something original and easy to look after, we let them have European Green Toads. They dont have to have the special heat and lighting the snake does, just bedding and water and misting occassionally.
Annika's toad
Holly's Toad
the toads remain nameless at the moment.

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