Thursday, September 21, 2006

July 20 06

My Thursday
I have taken to writing lists again. I write these lists and never follow them, but I have been keeping a rolling list, and trying hard to follow it. for Thursday this list was a page and a half long. And it'd about half done. When these lists include a list of telephone calls that are messages and answering machines and not people, that makes it hard to make them off my list because they are not "done". And I would say out of about 7 messages left, only about 3 called me back. Is it just me, or is it getting easier to ignore phone messages as well as emails?? Are we really getting ruder?
So my To Do list for Thursday kept me busy most of the day. I had to finish cards for a swap, make about 15 phone calls and return calls, work on a Stampin order, finish writing an article, deliver some stamps, it was laundry day, I had to fax off a registration form for the Exhibition, Clean out the van (not done), get catalogs to 2 customers, and I still have a lot of scrapping assignments to complete.
In the morning Scott was working at home and I changed the beds and changed the curtains in my bedroom. I worked on the Stampin' Up order and made my phone calls.
the laundry hung out and dried all day
After lunch there was more cleaning and the kids played a bit. Ive been playing some Webkinz for Holly trying to keep her 2 happy. They are hard to keep happy LOL you have to play with them a lOT!!!! It's kinda fun mindless entertainment to keep the kids happy.
I made some swap cards while I watched Dr. Phil who I do think is just a riot LOL he has some of the most rediculous people on there I want to slap them!
We met Scott's mother and SIL and nephews at Burger King for Supper, Scott and mother had to leave early so we let the kids play for a bit, then off to the soccer game, very confusing because the shifts were not even! Taylor look photos while I helped coach.
Yup that's my big butt!!!
After we got in some trouble with temper tantrums, delivered some stamps and a catalog, and came home LOL I put Annika in the bath, did some more laundry, finished my article, did layout for it, and went to bed. Holly and Taylor went to sleep on Holly's bedroom floor, and Annika on the couch. After Scott came home and chattered away I went to bed LOL

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