Thursday, September 21, 2006

July 26 06

Wednesday July 26
I cant believe we are so close to the end of July! Where has my July gone? this is the best month of the whole year and it's nearly over!
wednesday started a little shakey for some of us who didnt get any sleep, due to there being 2 bodies sleeping in the bed with us. Scott's been away, and the two older girls slept in the Mommy bed. I try not to mind but they dont let me sleep and I hate changing beds, I dont really sleep well anywhere it was a little early out of bed. Holly decided she was awake and I took her out rather than let her wake Taylor. Tuesday they played with a friend Cassidy and her two friends, and they were told to come right back out after breakfast to play again. Holly couldnt wait to eat! She changed into her swim suit and the next thing I knew, the door banged shut and she was gone! I hopped up the hill to check her, and then got Taylor up and fed, got Holly home, and took them both to the library where it was Taylor's day for Youth Program.
Holly and I enjoyed some nice time reading and talking to friends upstairs while Taylor played Library Jeopardy downstairs.
We headed home where the kids ate the teeniest lunch before running off to play up the hill again! LOL I cant keep them home! I went up to check them and that's when Nanny came to bring Annika home...we almost missed them! They dropped her off and I stayed cool in the house with her.
Obviously this pool is just so much nicer than ours
After a quick supper of hotdogs we rushed off to ball practice. The kids really were not into it, it could not have been the heat, maybe boredom, but they preferred being silly and wrestling to actually playing ball!
We came home and cleaned the pool, Scott came home at bed time with Mr. Freezies (wish he would clue in that they get hyper when they eat those things) and so the kids all went to bed late, and then we just went too. Too tired to do anything else !
Ive decided that the kids are ruining their summer by fighting all the time. How much fun can that possibly be??
OK And Andrea Yates...did anyone follow this second trial?? Sheesh how could anyone find her not guilty? I sympathize with her, all those little kids, home with her allll the time...seemingly little support from her husband who must have been fairly oblivious...but to chase down and drown 5 little kids>?? I dont see how that can possibly be brushed off! I believe there is PPD and PPP, but to blame the deaths of 5 little babies on it is beyond me. I guess Im missing some crucial part of the evidence because I read every transcript I could find and I dont have much understanding of how they can eventually let her go, ever.
Off my soapbox.

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