Thursday, September 21, 2006

July 18 06

Wonderful warm Tuesday!
Warm doesn't describe it with Humidex we were at about 104 F (have to convert?) and over 40 C. I love the heat but did find the heat yesterday a little difficult No complaints but an observation.
The heat chased us out of bed pretty early. Scott went to work (missing vacation already) and We cleaned house and did laundry. I put the garbage and compost out, cleaned up some woodchips in the yard, cleaned up the yard toys, cleaned the pool of grass and bugs and put the cover back on (I keep asking scott why have a cover if he wont put it back on when he's done??) I keep the laundry under control by doing it every second day, and 2 loads. 2 loads fits nicely on the clothesline (funny habit we have of putting our underwear out for the world to see) and 2 loads is about what we collect over 2 days. It keeps it nicely out of sight The floor got swept and the living room tidied. We collected the due Library books, and cleaned children's rooms. And ya know the house looks no better!At about noon my mother came from New Glasgow (about 1/2 hour away, that's where her parents are) to look after the kids for me. I made them some Grilled Cheese and celery for dinner and chicken sandwiches for us. Then I went off again to the Horse Show ( it was a Pony club Rally) to vet Check the Cross Coutnry course! It was so hot I was really worried about the horses and the riders in the heat but it went well, there were no troubles at all

Holly was my little helper! She came and I discovered she's quite scared of horses. I know she's been around them but I didn't realise how little and long ago. She was also my photographer and took some very good photos!

I did get to see a lot of very nice horses, must be nice for mummy and daddy to buy all these wonderful things and look after them for me
This part of the Rally went very fast and then we were off again! We stopped at the pool to sign up for swimming lessons but they dont teach preschool lessons in the summer (HUH?) so I am putting the little girls in private lessons and maybe Taylor into the regular lessons. This is where the heat was starting to get to me. Walking across the pavement and the heat swirling around...I just wanted home!! heheheh
Got home at the same time as the Grammy came home with the 2 she took to the library and on some other errands. She got the kids each a little charm thing for their Crocs. Now I better go get myself one The kids and the Grammy got in the pool for awhile, it was nice for them...I preferred to sit in the shade and try to read but I would say the heat got to everyone, there was fighting and bickering and it was just stressful.
After a very rushed supper Scott took Holly to soccer practice, I finished the laundry and Taylor read and worked on her Chore List (her idea not mine) Annika helped me with laundry and after a nice Frozen sugar (ie Freezie) the kids were less than enthused about going to bed. It was too hot anyway. Annika didnt go to bed til I think after 10. She was Cranky!
Supposed to be an early night for us too but too hot to sleep. Not a complaint tho!

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