Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sunflowers. My most favorite summer flower, and one I have never been able to grow. I have planted seeds inside, and loved them to death, and the kids have planted about 10 million of them, and wwe have never managed to get them to transplant to outside. They end up being tall and skinny when they go out, and then fall over and die within a short time.
So this year we did start a few inside, but late in the spring my mother gave me a package of variety sunflower seeds, and I planted a bunch outside directly into a rather new flowerbed I had made beside the neighbor's very pretty fence. I had little hope, and for the number of seeds, it was a pretty pathetic showing. But I am getting out of order.
This would have been in May. Imagine my happiness when I saw that some had come up!!! I had already transplanted and watched one of the Inside Plants die, so I still had little hope, assuming they would come up then die off bad me. I planted Teddy Bear Sunflowers (none came UP) and some Pretty Fancy Sunflowers (they were small but 2 came up, and some Giant Sunflowers. Oh my about 7 of those came up YA HOOOOOO!
So they started to get tall and I gained a little bit of hope. (has anyone seen the Robin Williams on golf skit? Hilarious! A little bit of F*#&%$# hope). I actually tied them to the fence one night before a wind storm was forecast in hopes this would save their little precious stems! they kept growing, past the fence, past the Raspberries on the other side Oh My we mgiht see some sunflowers this year!
Now I have started teasing a friend who planted sunflowers, Hey John how are your sunflowers coming along?? Have they reached your knee yet?? getting a little cocky, am I??? OH yeah baby!
Because my Giant Sunflowers are becoming Giants! YAY! My hope has turned to pride and rather some amazement at these sunflowers!
Now ignore my horrid self here and view those sunflowers BEHIND us LOL!
Anyway so now people are starting to say BUT have they bloomed yet?? ok no. They have not bloomed. Well they arent Sunflowers until they bloom, no matter HOW tall they get. LOL Well OK BLOOM DARN IT!
For a little perspective, Annika is a typical 3 year old size.
See those blooms up there?? Oh yes ok those are nice Sunflowers...but the Giant as I call him, well that's the only one that matters now. He has not bloomed. He likely cannot support a large bloom, sorry, forget him. Settle for the others blooming LOL.
I watch and I watch while all the other sunflowers are blooming. They are just so pretty, I am trying to enjoy their blooms. But why has the Giant been so far behind? I tell the kids it's because he has used so much energy to grow so much larger than any other sunflower ever! HAHAHAHHA They say ok mom whatever.
Beautiful blooms on those other Sunflowers, who I call the Others. LOLBut still nothing on my Giant as of last weekend.
finally, one day this week, I saw a hint of yellow on the edges of The Giant's little head. Oh of course I knew all along that he would bloom nicely
And by Thursday it was open wide. And what a huge bloom!
And the Others hang their heads in shame.
I call my Sunflower experience this year a resounding success

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