Thursday, September 21, 2006

July 13 06

Thursday July 13
I hope I can remember Thursday! What a blur this week has been It rained like mad all day! The kids had VBS Alone, we didn't have to pick and and deliver anyone! LOL that was kinda nice. While they were gone we went to Canadian Tire and bought a pool cover and a lawn chair, with a foot stool Then I got 3 little bug nets to let the kids clean the pool with Scott declared it Put Things Together Day! He put together the lawn with his trusty little helpers
We picked up the kids and enjoyed our very first Freecycle Experience! Rollerblades! Scott has needed a pair for awhile now, and thanks to someone who was moving away, he has some!
After lunch the kids had Meaghan and Michaela over to swim. It was raining and not terribly warm, not to mention the pool was freshly filled with Freezing cold water...they were a little cold...
...They came back in soon with a loud happy chorus of Chattering teeth and Brrrrrs with a Rising and falling rhythm! Soon dressed and warm again.
Putting Things Together day continued without the help of the helpers as Scott decided a lawn mower was too tricky LOL
After a spaghetti supper the HIGHLIGHT of the whole day was the soccer game We picked up MacKenzie and left Taylor with her mother and sister Morgan to watch Morgan play soccer, and took Mac off to our game where she plays with Holly. Annika was a really bored little person, attacking and tackling poor Holly everytime she sat down! Holly had a wonderful game, playing agressively and Scoring her second GOAL! MacKenzie also scored a goal, not bad for 2 of the smallest people on the team! They did really well in the game and I believe it really did end in a tie, 3-3.
what did I do all day? Just ran after these people and looked after them!

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