Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Trip Through 3 Provinces over 4 Days! September 2

Well despite doing NOTHING on our weeks of vacation, we managed one last little trip during the last week of summer break. It was a spur of the moment thing, after being sick for 2 days we decided that when Scott went to New Brunswick this week we would go along too! There was a lot of rushed laundry and pet planning done on Sunday, then Monday we pulled out!
Scott got up early and because we were determined to take the bikes with us, he spent a long time getting and fitting our bike rack on the CR-V. Then we packed up the coffin on top, threw in the kids, and away we went!!!
The first day we went to Moncton, New Brunswick. Scott had some calls there and we went to the mall while he was doing them. I had been looking for some things and still am by the way what a horrid time shopping is! lol We had Dinner at Jungle Jim's and then went to the Hotel, the Super 8 where we spent that night
This place had a most awesome pool! Scott took the kids that night for a swim while I grabbed 5 minutes of peace after all the time in the car. Taylor played on the water slide and Holly and Annika played in the fountains and stuff while I sat at the table and cut out stamped flowers. That was a joy.
The kids were late to go to sleep that night, in their bunk beds all tucked in their own little room! That was a nice touch!
The next morning Scott went for calls while I finished up some work, packed some envelopes, and then after breakfast I let the little ones swim for a few minutes while Scott packed up the room, then we packed the car and we were off again!
Taylor has been placed in the middle of the back seat to try to keep the peace which means the two little ones fight over her and put her in between. LOL how fair is that? Taylor spent a lot of the trip reading. The dog stayed in the back behind the barrier.
We got to Oromocto (Near Fredericton N and went to see a customer of Scott's that we've been friends with. Dylan got to run and play a bit and he played with a puppy there, Cooker. I am looking forward to him starting agility and things like that!
We checked into the Hotel in Oromocto and headed right out to Fredericton. Scott made calls while we went to the Scrapbook Store there! YAY I enjoyed looking at a bunch of stuff but only got Ghost Flowers and Clips of some sort because the kids were really acting badly at this point! They need more time off their leashes! HAHAHH There was tonnes of paper I was coveting but the kids wouldnt let me look at it! lol Got them outta there as soon as I could wanted to go back alone the next day but time got away from us!
everyone got cranky so we picked up a pizza and went back to our nice large room, where the kids played and danced and ate then we unpacked the bikes and went for a ride on their Trans Canada Trail (cant remember what it was called there). It was really nice to get out and have some exercise.
we biked as far as an old redone bridge which someone said was 3 miles (maybe out and back) and rested there for a minute. The view was very nice.
After the bike ride Scott took the kids swimming. This pool was not as good as the first, it was very deep. It was perfect exercise for them and made everyone sleep better that night!
The next morning we packed up and left the hotel after Scott was done with his calls. We were late for breakfast and almost missed it because Annika bonked Holly on the nose and we spent a long time stemming the flow. But we did eat and pack and get outta the hotel leaving behind 2 bloodsoaked faceclothes, wonder what that cleaning lady thought???lol
We drove some pretty wild highways from Fredericton to Miramichi. We thougth we might see some animals along the way, deer and moose crossing signs all over, but we saw nothing but rain. And There was a truck on the road ahead that wanted to pass the car and van in front of it, and they would not stop and let him pass so he was swerving all over the place and blowing his horn and being plain scary. So we backed off but it was disturbing and likely kept some animals away too...noisy!
Scott did calls and We had a pee break in Miramichi and let the dog out to run.
We went into the mall and had a little bit to eat, and went to Sobeys for some food to take along the way.
Then we jumped back in and headed off to Bathurst.
At the mall here we spent some time waiting for Scott to see customers and looking for shoes since I only ended up with one pair on the whole trip and they were thing flip flops and my toes were getting tired lol. Never found a pair anyway
Then yay we were on our way to our stop for the night, with a customer of Scott's who invited us to stay over with them in Quebec!
We drove to Campbellton with a lot of excitement (not far away, expecting some fun when we got out!)
The scenery on the way was nice, and when going across the bridge to Quebec it was very pretty. It was not sunny or rainy, kinda between, and the mountains and bay were differnet for the kids.
So we arrive in Quebec and drive for about 1/2 hour to the friend's farm. What a paradise!It's off of any beaten track anywhere, surrounded by woods and fields and a little lake and mountains. the house had huge windows and lovely big rooms with a totally open concept. There was a sweet chocolate lab named...oh dear it was a french name and i have no idea what it means and how to spell it and even sound it but the kids called her Goon all evening.Our room had a huge window and 2 beds and lots of stuff animals.
We had a yummy seafood casserole for supper and then the kids got ready for bed and watched movies. The dogs had so much fun playing until midnight while the kids fell asleep on the couch and the adults drank beer etc. lol and talked business of course.
After a nice sleep in we were served a most awesome breakfast and then packed up to go and while we were packing our host took the kids on her four-wheeler...with the dog.
Then we head for home. It was a little more leisurely because there were only a few more calls to be done. We stopped in Campbellton and got coffee and checked out some sights.
Van Horne Bridge to Quebec.
Big Old Salmon
Then we headed to Bathurst again where Scott left us at what he called a playground while he did more calls. The kids met two nice boys and played on the teeter totters and the swing set.
Bathurst from our park. It looks pretty over on this side.
We left there and headed off for home again! We stopped again in Bouctouche for a break and played on the grass then off again and on the Pass we saw a huge bright rainbow, we'd seen a few along the way but this one stretched across the whole sky and was really bright!
It was nice to get home and see that every animal had managed to survive without us and the house was ok too!
4 days, 3 nights, 3 provinces, 5 weary travellers!

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