Thursday, September 21, 2006

July 15 06

Saturday July 15
Saturday. One of my Favorite days fo the week! Scott and the kids are home, we do things together...OH WAIT.
Scott is feeling so much better he called and got some Umpiring games. Without even talking to me first! LOL I am so glad it was 30 C (that's hot) and he had to stand on some dry baseball field in some backwoods community with a bunch of drinking ball players! HA OK I had my laugh.
We had a nice breakfast then I was working on cleaning my scrap and Scott left. After a Funny lunch made by Holly with Very little Peanut butter and bread and Jam (it was really bread that she passed by the Peanut butter and Jam jars hahaha) we went to the Town Pool with 3 little girls they hang out with, the little Larkins. The pool was crowded but the kids were good so it was not hard to keep an eye on 6 little girls! Taylor and Meaghan went on the diving board and the water slide a lot. Taylor always went down backwards and once she hit her foot on the bottom of the pool and claimed it was broken. 5 minutes later she was back on the slide again. Holly is amazing with her swimming, swimming under and over and jumping off things and Annika was dipping her head under for a good long time It was really nice to see them so comfortable in the water They had a great time. AND I HAVE NO PHOTOS! I decided with 6 kids there I would not be able to take photos and keep an eye on the camera too (theft is not unheard of ).
We came home and had a really bad supper LOL Chicken Noodle soup and bread and crackers. That's what they wanted When Scott came home he made us a burger and salad and the kids picked at that too. We hung around a bit then went to bed.
Not a terribly exciting day.
And I have NO photos of any of it!
On Sunday I forgot about a Horse Show I have to Vet Check at. I knew it was coming just forgot when it was. I have to go again on Tuesday. And Monday is a Stampin' Up party I have rather been dreading. It's not too close to home and I'm worried that they wont like the cards and stuff I am planning! Wednesday My aunt from Montreal is having a "gathering" and BBQ at a cottage they are renting on the shore. Thursday I guess I can rest. Mon-Thurs nights there are Baseball and Soccer.
My Grandfather is in the Hospital a little ways from here. He had a gall stone for awhile and didn't get a check up, rather waited til the pain was really bad and he was really sick WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE MEN IN THAT FAMILY?? My father (his son) was sick for 2 months before he finally went to a doctor and shortly after he was gone. My grandfather had surgery yesterday for a burst gall bladder yesterday and I hear is doing ok afterwards (relatively) but he had to have major surgery and had some issues coming back around. I would really like to visit him when I think he can take the visitors, maybe while we are nearby on Wednesday and I can leave the kids with Scott.
So what am I thankful for??
10 "Thankfulnesses" From Today
1. That Scott is feeling well enough to go Umpiring in 30C weather 2. That the kids are healthy and active3. That the weather is finally nice and hot and sunny just the way I like it4. I have friends who trust me with their kids at a pool5. That we have a pool and a town pool 6. The kids were tired and happy to go to sleep.7. that I have plans for Sunday-Wednesday because it means I have a full life.8. That we have a lawn that needs mowing and a house that desparately needs cleaning.9. that I still have my grandfather, and can be near for his long recovery 10. That I still have time to get ready for my Stampin Up party!

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