Thursday, September 21, 2006

July 23 06


Another rainy day, another gloomy day here.
Not even laundry to do to keep one sane.
Stayed in bed late in the morning, not sleeping just there. We had a big brunch then Scott took the kids for a drive to his mother's. There was no one there LOL.
I cleaned up some in the scrap room then Scott went Back to his mother's (and she was there) and left the kids while he got gravel for our doorstep! FINALLY after about 2 years of me asking, he got gravel from his father's to fill the hole around the bottom of our steps, which filled with water with every little rain fall.
Back to cleaning in the scrap room. Til a phone call announcing my brother and his wife and niece were popping in for a visit. They arrived at about the same time that the kids and their Nanny came in with supper, and brought their dog to play with Dylan.

after they left the kids went to bed pretty soon, and we just did a little work then went to bed.My Not So Exciting Life continues on monday.

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